One of the biggest trends of 2017 is still trendy in 2018, right?! From the Vetements Runway to the new and upcoming Fenty X Puma collection, oversized hoodies are appearing popular in the Fashion industry more than we think. As these hoodies can appear huge and laidback they are pretty easy to style and made into more of a statement piece. In this post, I will be talking you through different ways of styling your oversized hoodies perfectly.


Link to Hoodie: Fenty X Puma Fleece Off ShoulderHoodie

I would always recommend when wearing an oversized Hoodie to pair it with tight or skinny pants, in this case, I used leggings. The point is for the hoodie to be the statement piece so to pair it with Mom Jeans or jeans that are not tight fitted can look a little OTT. (Which is totally okay if that’s your style) but I prefer for the hoodie to stand out. As you can see the color of the leggings I chose to wear are black, a plain, basic colour so that the focus is all on the hoodie. The Pants you decide to pair with the hoodie could either make or break your outfit. So choose wisely.

image1                                      Link to sweatshirt: Gigi X Tommy Sweatshirt

On the other hand, I would NOT pair an oversized hoodie with a jacket or a coat so everything on the hoodie is visably seen. With the Fenty hoodie, a main feature was the big, oversized sleeves so why would I want to be hiding them with a coat? I like seeing all the features of the hoodie and the way it’s made to suit everybody’s unique style. I feel that the way you style your hair with an oversized hoodie also plays a big part. Paired with the Fenty X Puma Hoodie I curled my hair with a thin barrel, and decided to straighten my hair and throw it in a high ponytail to style the Gigi X Tommy Sweatshirt. I find styling my hair more big and volumised makes the hoodie more dressed up as they can be overlooked as laidback.

Thank you for reading. If you have anymore tips on styling your oversized hoodies, do leave a comment below to help more readers out, as there are endless ways to style one item in the Fashion World.

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  1. LUCII says:

    Thalia I love you & your blog! My bestie for westie❤️


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