Styling Streetwear isn’t easily made into a sophisticated and done up look. It actually takes a lot of effort to make it into a look that isn’t considered popular and common. As Streetwear is likely seen on a Day-to-day basis in Britain it is hard to find pieces that not so many people have at an affordable price, which is why styling your pieces is so important. This post will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts to getting the perfect Streetwear look.

My first tip is to make sure at least one of the items you are using is not labeled. The best item this would be in my opinion are the jeans. In the first look I am wearing a Nike Sweatshirt with distressed jeans that are UN labeled. I chose to pair this Nike Sweatshirt with distressed Mom jeans as the sweatshirt was fitted and also cropped. The distressed jeans add more to the look and make it more visual than just plain jeans. I would also recommend with any sweatshirt to add a patterned under layer especially if the sweatshirt is pretty plain. This adds just that bit more extra style and makes the whole outfit look more put together.

With all three of the looks, I paired the outfits with plain white trainers, giving the look a more casual vibe. Shoes obviously play a big part when styling an outfit so I feel that when the outfit is looking a little extra, the best way to pair it is with plain trainers or pumps. Since the jeans in the first look are Mom jeans, I rolled both of the ends up to make them appear more fitted and also have a bit of ankle showing.

BeFunky Collage                                            Links to outfit:  Nike Sweatshirt

Stripey under layer

Distressed jeans

As Streetwear is very fashionable right now, appearing on the Moschino and Nicopanda runways, it is seen popular all over Instagram and other social media sites, meaning it is likely that everybody is wanting a piece of this. Unfortunately, as streetwear is so popular right now you are likely to want something common. So styling your outfit correctly is very efficient. On the other hand there are so many pieces of Streetwear to choose from. Most stores and magazines are full of Streetwear at the moment, so inspiration for your outfit shouldn’t be a problem.

BeFunky-collage (7)


Links to outfit: Umbro Hoodie

Umbro bodysuit

My favorite place at the moment for streetwear is Footasylymn, where 2/3 of these looks are from. My local Footasylymn always gives me fashionable, sassy vibes, which is always a good sign when styling Streetwear. For inspiration, I also love to keep up to date with the Urban Outfitters blog which shows a range of different people rocking different streetwear items.

Finally, I want to say that Streetwear is all about being creative. So the more different the outfit is the better, as it is NOT meant to blend in with the crowd. Streetwear is clearly a mix between sports wear and casual wear and in no doubt incredibly popular at the moment.

BeFunky-collage (5)

Link to dress: Sergio Tacchini Red dress

Thanks to the world of fashion, we are putting the stereotypes of streetwear being basic to rest and creating a whole new level of professional style streetwear pieces, making it look smart and stylish.

Thank you for reading. If you have anymore tips on styling your streetwear looks, do leave a comment below to help more readers out, as there are endless ways to style in the Fashion World.

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  1. Sikes says:

    Great look. A shirt dress could be nice too what do you thing? I mean something like this?


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