A new week, a new Fenty item. Well 2 actually. I was so inspired by the creativity of the new Fenty X Puma drop I had to purchase more. I was persuaded by the luxurious quality from my Puma X Fenty Fleece Off Shoulder Hoodie (as seen in How to style oversized hoodies) to look more into Fenty products. Which is where I came across these two crazy, unique pants that I knew would look amazing on.

When it comes to choosing your Statement pants, I always like to explore a variety of shops that sell clothing that is pretty different but still affiliated with my own style. Fenty X Puma is definitely an example of this, as well as The Ragged Priest, Fila and Adidas. Colorful clothing usually draws my attention the most as I know it is going to stand out from the crowd, which is why both of my Statement pants are vivid colors.

image1 (3)

Link to buy: Fenty X Puma jogging bottoms

It is important when pairing your pants that you choose a plain, basic top excluding features that draw attention to it e.g. different colors or patterned. The top I chose to pair with these exclusive pants was a long sleeved high neck black plain top from Missguided. Link; Missguided long sleeve turtle neck top.As the top is black it draws no attention and is also very fitted so the focus is directed to the statement pants and not the whole outfit.

BeFunky-collage (10)

Link to buy: Fenty X Puma two tone track pants

As you can see from both the images above, I paired both the pants with plain black trainers. The trainers were platform, so gave the illusion of longer legs which is pretty essential when wearing statement pants as you want all aspects of the pants to be seen. As I was wearing a black top, I chose to wear black trainers too. The more colors you include in your outfit the more the attention is taken away from the statement pants, so keep the trainers and top simple.

The weather in Britain is so lovely right now, so no jacket was needed on this summery day. Although if you feel the need to wear a jacket, I would recommend keeping it simple and plain (preferably the same color as your top so it doesn’t stand out). It would also be a good idea for the jacket to be slightly cropped so that the statement pants are seen from top to bottom.

Thank you for reading. If you have anymore tips on styling your statement pants, do leave a comment below to help more readers out, as there are endless ways to style in the fashion world.

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