As we are having probably the hottest summer we’ve ever had in years it feels only right to do a blog post on keeping fashionably cool in the city as we all know the uncomfortable feeling of being too hot while surrounded by hundreds of people. I chose the brand DKNY for this as I know their quality is amazing and also the range is defiantly my style. The quality of the items made it worth the price and the luxurious material makes all the items suit your individual body shape perfectly.

The first look I chose was these wide leg denim trousers paired with a black slogan T-shirt which reads ‘Designers Know Nothing Yet’ which is a mnemonic to the brands name DKNY. Although both the colors of the items were dark which is not considered a summer color, the short sleeved top and wide leg trousers made a more sophisticated summer fit. The materials used were not heavy at all so it was perfect for this 20+ degrees weather we’re having at the moment. To compliment my style a little more I used a bobble to tie the back of my t-shirt up creating a tighter fit, which slightly changes the look to more put together.


Link to outfit: DKNY Girls Short Sleeved T-shirt

DKNY Girls Wide Leg Denim Trousers

Next I thought about pairing a bright color with a neutral to create this second look. This look was probably my favorite out of the three as it was the one I felt was the most my style. The bright orange hoodie was not over sized at all so I went a few sizes down to make the hoodie fit more cropped. Even though it was a hoodie, it was made with 51% viscose which is a benefit in the summer as not only is it strong and comfortable it does not trap body heat. On the other hand the drawstring skirt was 68% viscose and although it looks tight it was comfortable and easy to move in.


Link to outfit: DKNY Girls Hooded Sweatshirt

DKNY Girls Drawstring Skirt

The last item from DKNY I chose for the summer was this short sleeved day dress. It includes a jacquard patterning and a trimmed hemline which makes it an easy dress to wear during the day. It looks good with trainers to flats and it is easy to accessorize as the dress is a neutral color. The dress was also a nice length and kept me cool throughout the day.



Link to dress: DKNY Girls Sleeveless Dress


My hair has been curled here with a thin barrel to add something a little extra to the basic outfit. The eyeliner worn in the look is ‘FAT Liquid Eyeliner’ by Eyeko London (link to buy: eyeko liner) which is my absolute fave at the moment as it is the most easy to handle eyeliner I’ve ever used. It is also smudge proof and creates an extremely bold eye look which is well suited with the look I was going for.

Thank you for reading. If you have anymore tips on styling your DKNY looks, do leave a comment below to help more readers out, as there are endless ways to style in the Fashion World.

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  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated


  2. joannamc97 says:

    That highlight in the first picture gurrrl! Haha love it
    Thanks for sharing – loved your first outfit best

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