Inspired by the 90’s band All Saints who absolutely rocked combat statement pants and had their own personal rock chic style at the time, this blog post gives a guide to my ways of styling pants that you can wear on a day to day basis and still look bomb af in. I recently became obsessed with the 90’s look pants can make, and decided to make another online order. I found that similar pants were found on all the mainstream fashion websites but decided to go with Pretty Little Thing.

I found that when deciding what pants to buy, most of them were high-wasted. I would 100% recommend buying pants that are high-wasted as it shows the whole detailing of the pant off and compliments your body shape more. I would also recommend wearing either a cropped top or a fitted top, nothing over sized or baggy as it doesn’t appear as flattering. For both of the looks I chose a cropped sweatshirt one in White and one in Sand to pair with my pants as they made it visible to see all aspects of the pants.


Link to outfit: White Ultimate Cropped Sweater

Stone Pocket Detail Cargo Trousers

I would not recommend to accessorize a lot as the outfit is meant to be casual not glam and overdoing it with accessories can draw the attention away from the outfit. But I’ve been loving the look recently of pants paired with statement belts if you’re thinking of adding something extra. Also a neutral colored baseball cap or bucket hat would look nice and show of how casual the look is meant to be, or even a pair of sunglasses would be well suited.

There’s no bag to be seen in any of these pictures, but if a bag is needed I would choose a neutral colored one that matches my outfit. Preferably a black, white or nude one. For shoes, I used my well-loved Nike Air Force 1’s but any plain colored trainers or boots will suit the outfit well.


Link to outfit: Sand Ultimate Cropped Sweater

Grey Camo Print Cargo Trousers

For makeup, I kept it at a glowy natural look and a touch of soft glam. The highlight I used was the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline strobing liquid in gold as it is the perfect shade for my bronzed look. The eyeliner used was The NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner. With my hair, I felt that any style would suit the look and I didn’t need it in a particular way to style the outfit.

Thank you for reading and if you have anymore tips on styling your pants to look bomb af, do leave a comment to help more readers out.

My instagram: @tjblogs


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