Sportswear is becoming more and more popular these days too wear as everyday wear: need to pop to the corner shop- put a tracksuit on, need to go out shopping- put a pair of three striped leggings and jumper on as Adidas achieve to make every item comfortable but also stylish and they describe their brand as always ‘Creating the new’ showing how relevant they are in the fashion world.

On the Adidas website, there is an option to customize your own trainers which is beginning to become more popular, they have a wide range of trainers for different sports and over 20+ collaborations with high end designers including Alexander Wang and Stella Mccartney. My personal favorite is their collaboration with The Farm, but my point is as Adidas have worked with some of the biggest designers in fashion it is obvious that high quality is expected.


Link to pants: Adibreak pant – Tracksuit bottoms

In the picture above I am wearing probably my favorite pants I have ever worn and not just because they compliment my style and look stylish, the material is super comfy making them super easy to move around in, they were high rise- which I always love and they were also super, super cute. The pants are a long length, which is something I never go for but overall I ended up loving them. They’re not fitted but then again don’t look too baggy, and it had an elasticated waist which is always a bonus.

The pants above and the top below are from the Adidas Performance collection, which is personally my favorite on the website. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from and multiple different styles. They have defiantly achieved their statement of ‘creating the new’ as this collection is a balance between aesthetic and performance.

Link to top: 3 stripe – Top

I styled this red top with plain black jeans as I wanted the red top to be a pop of color in a casual outfit. On the website, you have the choice to buy this top out of 3 colors: “real red”, “black” and “blush green” which all look pretty, but I chose red to add color to my outfits. The top was backless, which is again something I would usually not wear on a day to day basis but I loved the way it added something extra.

As you can already tell, I chose to wear my eyeliner from NYX to pair with this look, because I felt that the outfit was a little basic and needed something to jazz it up a little more and I really love how it turned out. The lipstick is also one that I’ve recently started wearing again. It was from the Chanel ‘Rouge Coco’ collection in the shade 464 ‘Daylight’.


Link to jacket: Windbreaker- Light jacket

Again, I absolutely love the quality of the windbreaker above.The color goes nicely with the black I wore and as well as looking good, it kept me warm throughout the day. It was pretty over sized but that’s what I’m into. Since it does the same job as a coat but is not as bulky, it is pretty practical to wear in this bipolar weather as it folds up small and doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

Thank you for reading and if you have anymore suggestions on how to style Adidas or items that I should check out, do leave a comment down below.

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