Summer 2018 has been a blast but since It’s the beginning of September now, summer is slowly coming to an end. That means we’re all going back to school/college/Uni or back to work, which can be pretty hard to adjust to so what a better excuse than to make an online order. Most stores during this period have discounts up to 50% off including one of my favorite online stores – Missguided. In this blog post I will be presenting the 4 Missguided items I brought in the sale. Although not all the items are suitable throughout the upcoming Autumn time, 2018’s September is said to be one of the hottest ones the UK have ever had so these items are likely to come in handy right now.

First off, is this blue sheered cold shoulder denim dress. This dress immediately reminded me of Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. It gives me hipster festival vibes and looks as though you’ve just stepped out of a Thomson brochure. Off the shoulder dresses like this are extremely popular on Instagram but are never really seen on the streets of the UK. The weather wasn’t appropriate for my outfit but it would be suitable for a casual meal out or some indoor event.

I brought this lovely dress for only £15 in the sale which was 100% worth every penny. Although the weather is not always 20+ degrees in the UK right now (yup our heatwave has annoying come to an end) this will defiantly be worn in next years summer.


Link to dress: Blue Sheered Cold Shoulder Denim Dress

Next, we have this navy oversized Americana slogan t-shirt dress. If you’ve read my previous posts you’d know how obsessed I am with oversized items. This look reminded me of the Gigi Hadid X Tommy Hilfiger racing themed collection which I think was the aim since this look is pretty popular right now. I love how the same 3 colors are constantly repeated from the top to the bottom of the t-shirt. The look is simple but it still looks good and classy while you’re out.

As the T-shirt is oversized, you can wear it without trousers or leggings but I would recommend still wearing shorts underneath that aren’t visible. I brought this for only £14 and it was again worth every penny. The oversized tee is pretty plain but it is suitable for most purposes.


Link to Tee: Navy Oversized Americana slogan t-shirt dress

Then I chose a yellow and blue co-ord which I am obsessed with. This yellow stripe cami satin co-ord set would have looked fab in the summer but for now it still looks amazing for a drink out. The vertical lines add an unique touch to the look and the bow on the shorts just makes the outfit complete. The shorts are high wasted which I love and the top is cropped creating a full on summer look.

This look would also look great at a festival as the colors are pretty hipster and unusual. I payed £18 for this co-ord and I love how it came as a pair instead of having to pay separately for both parts where you do on a lot of other online sites.  The material was satin making the outfit look more expensive so for only £18, this outfit was defiantly worth it.


Link to co-ord: Yellow Stripe Cami Satin co-ord Set

Last but not least, I ordered this blue zip front high neck cropped sweatshirt. This sweatshirt had Yeezy inspired written all over it. It looks like 100% something Kim K would wear, but the reason I brought it was because I love styling cropped sweatshirts. In my How to look bomb af in pants post I styled both pants with cropped sweatshirts from Pretty Little Thing but they both blow up in the wind where as this sweatshirt is elasticated around the stomach keeping it secure and fitted.

I paid only £12 for this cropped sweatshirt which is probably 99% cheaper than what you’d pay if it were Yeezy. The silver zip detailing adds a more futuristic vibe to the look which is probably why I like it so much. Also I chose a red lipstick to pair with this as it added more color to the fit. The lipstick I was wearing was from the Rimmel London Kate Moss collection in the shade 01 ‘Red Nose Red’ which is one of the most longest lasting red lipsticks I have ever worn.


Link to sweatshirt:Blue Zip Front High Neck Cropped Sweatshirt

So that completes my Missguided sales haul. I loved every item that I ordered and I would defiantly suggest checking out there site and maybe grab some bargains while the sales are still on. Postage comes fairly quickly and the quality of the items I’ve found are worth the price.

Thank you for reading and if you have anymore online clothes sites you would recommend, please leave a comment below.

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