Dresses for only £5 from one of the worlds most popular fashion websites at the moment?! Yup I bought 4 Pretty Little Thing dresses to test out for under £20. I’ve previously ordered multiple times from the website and kind of had a frame in mind of what to expect, but not with these £5 dresses. This £5 dress option, I’ve noticed is beginning to become popular and has been included on large Fashion websites such as Missguided, In The Style and of course Pretty Little Thing. Surprisingly, some of these £5 dresses from PLT were actually in the sale reduced from £5 to £4/£3. So in this blog post I will be talking you through my experience with the £5 Pretty Little Thing range.

The first dress I ordered was this grey, fitted, basic dress. Although summer has ended, this dress still suits Autumnal style and can be layered easily. The first thing I have to say about this dress is that the quality is not amazing but expected for £5. I feel it’s too casual for a party and perfect for a meal out.

It is very tight fitted so brings out every curve. If you don’t like this feature, I wouldn’t recommend this style of dress. The top was bandeaux and honestly didn’t feel loose at all like I know some bandeaux style dresses do. Even as it’s not something you could wear on a day-to-day basis it was still worth the £5 that I payed.


Link to dress: Basic Charcoal Grey Bandeau MidMaxi Dress

Next, we have this pink, fitted, luminous dress. This dress gives me total Kim K vibes as this is one of the trends she’s following at the moment but I do find it flattering and stylish to wear. I wore my hair in a bun with this look as it showed off the off the shoulder feature otherwise with my long hair that would all be covered.

For £5, this dress is most defiantly worth it. The material isn’t the strongest but it’s also not bad and it is defiantly good quality for the price. Although a negative to this dress would be that it is pretty see through. It looks amazing at parties as it stands out but also looks good and unique. Overall I would recommend this dress for anyone on a low budget or in need of a low price dress for a holiday or a night out.


Link to dress: Pink Bardot Bodycon Dress

Again, this next dress is off the shoulder. Almost the exact style as the pink one but in Navy and not see through. As I put my hair up in a bun for the other one I decided to let it down for this one to give an example of what it looks like covering the shoulders. I also accessorized using a black New Era baseball cap making the dress look a lot more casual and laid back.

Since the look is a lot more laid back than the rest, it is a lot more suitable for an everyday purpose. Don’t get me wrong you could still dress it up and wear it on a night out but from the way I styled mine it looks a lot better for a hot summers day.


Link to dress: Navy Bardot Bodycon Dress

Last but certainly not least, is my favorite dress out of all 4. I paired this with a set of 3 gold chains also from Pretty Little Thing and a bold black eyeliner look. The dress itself felt and looked a lot more than £5. The dress was fitted but not as skin tight as the 3 others. The material wasn’t luxurious but was expected for a high street brand and amazing for the price they were sold.

This dress could again be useful for either parties or an everyday look. Personally I loved how the gold chains looked with the little black dress and made it look a lot less simple and plain. The dress also would have looked nice with knee high boots as it was the perfect length, but I decided to wear plain black heels.


Link to Dress: Basic Black Slinky Dress

Thank you for reading and if you have anymore ideas on an upcoming blog post I should do testing brands out please leave a comment below.

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