These days most collections include over sized items such as baggy Tee’s and hoodies that reach the knees. Appearing in high end collections such as Yeezy and especially Balenciaga, recently over sized clothing has been making a popular appearance in the world of fashion. Since these jumpers are long and huge it is acceptable to wear them without leggings or trousers and just wear shorts. Like Kim K’s style I would recommend sticking with lycra shorts, cycling style shorts.

For me, one of my fave celebs that absolutely rock the jumper dress style is Rihanna. A lot of Riri’s new Fenty X Puma collection includes over sized tee’s and hoodies as seen in my first blog post How to style oversized hoodies. But previously Rihanna’s been seen on the streets with her own take on styling jumper dresses that she absolutely slays in.

Besides Fenty X Puma, Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection also includes a ton of over sized items. The yellow jumper below is one color of many from just this particular style. The quality is strong and comfortable providing its worth for money. The only thing I found a bit off at Ivy Park is the sizing, so I would recommend going to a store instead of online purchasing or checking the sizes online carefully.

This mustard-yellow color is pretty common at the moment and complimented my brown hair nicely. This is the only Ivy Park hoodie I own but the material is strong and comfortable and I would defiantly recommend checking them out as they are around the same price as a normal high street hoodie. Stay tuned for an Ivy Park Look book in the future.IMG_3335

Link to Oversized Sweater: Ivy Park Layer Logo Hoody

Another collection I’ve been loving lately is Fenty X Puma. I’ve mentioned this collection in a few of my previous posts as it is one I am continuously purchasing from. The quality is luxurious and it is available in the UK from multiple online sites, including Selfridges and Zalando. The collection is continuing to grow and I would defiantly recommend their products to anyone that has an interest in fashion.

The feature I love most on the hoodie would be the brand name running alongside the sleeves. This makes the look appear more exciting and sophisticated than some plain over sized hoodie. I chose to not accessorize with this look as there was a lot of small detailing that stood out on the front of the hoodie. Although something I love to pair with hoodies recently are gold chain necklaces. A few of them layered really make a look appear less laid back and more done up. I get a lot of inspiration for layering chain necklaces from the Youtuber @yazonline. (If you like street style/Boujee looks check out her Insta).


Link to Oversized Sweater: Fenty Puma Crew Neck Taping Sweatshirt

If I had knee high boots I would suggest to wear them or trainers like mine still look fine. I love the look these trainers have and although heels look good too, trainers don’t come with the pain. It also creates a more Street wear vibe than laid back and un-bothered.

Thank you for reading, if you have any other ways to style your jumper dresses please leave a comment below.

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