From being sold at Sainsburys to being sold at Urban Outfitters is I think we can all agree, a glow up. I won’t even lie, I had never heard of this brand until I saw it in Urban Outfitters either. As soon as I saw the range in the store I knew I had to buy them as I had really never seen outdoor wear as boujee in my whole life. The colors, I will admit are a little neutral but I absolutely love the design and detailing and the originality of the whole brand and the way the colors look together.

After seeing the collection in Urban Outfitters, I immediately brought an outfit and later discovered a wider range of the collection online. In this blog post, I will be showing you guys my favorite pieces from the Russell Athletics collection in Urban Outfitters and how I choose to style them .

The first look is the one I saw in the store itself and I knew was completely my style so I had to buy. The top is a nice orangey, red mixture that is tight fitted with black detailing. I love how the zip has a big black statement ‘R’ which adds more to the top, and the grey toned writing running along side the rib cage area. The material was also very, very good quality so I would defiantly recommend it. It’s also one of those tops that you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty in as patches do not show! Which is amazing considering it’s long sleeved.

The joggers are a red, blue and white mixture formed to make a camouflage pattern. I am obsessed with these joggers as not only are they completely my style they are also super comfortable. I wear these to college, round the city, for road trips, you name it. These would be the first joggers I would recommend to anyone hands down. Like the top, the joggers also have a big ‘R’  patched onto one of the upper thighs.


Link to outfit: Pants – Russell Athletics Camo Colourblock Joggers

Top – Russell Athletic Red Funnel Neck Crop Top

Next we have this Navy long sleeved T-shirt which I just paired with my Adidas Trackpants and gold chain layered necklaces. It is long sleeved and good quality material considering it’s only £28. It includes a combination of the mixture of white, navy and yellow which all look pretty retro together. Talking about retro, I love the 90’s era clothing and this is exactly the vibes I get from this tee.

To complete the whole 90’s inspired look, I wore my Nike Air Forces and my hair in chopstick curls. As it is long sleeved, it is also suitable for the upcoming winter and is easy to layer. Overall, although the top is simple, I feel like it has unique aspects like the yellow detailing making it stand out.


Link to top: Russell Athletic Navy Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Then we have this fluffy af co-ord that I wore for Manchester Fashion Week.  The show I went to lasted around 3 hours and is about a 2 hour journey from where I live, and I didn’t once feel uncomfortable. It is defiantly not something I would normally wear but I always like to push out of my comfort zone.

As they are white and very fluffy, they are easy to become dirty. But they are so comfortable and look very unique. I preferred styling it with a white top than a black top as it made the look appear more wintry. Again, I wore Nike Air Forces as I felt it helped with the causality of the look. The brands name & logo ran along side the pants and also on either side of the zip which is a feature that I love.


Link to outfit: Jacket: Russell Athletic Cosy Festival Bomber Jacket

Pants: Russell Athletic Cosy Festival Faux Fur Joggers

Last but not least is this half zip cropped sweatshirt which I wear ALL the time. Similar to the red funnel neck top in the first look, it has the big R on the zipper. It also had an element of blue along the neckline and wrists which I think adds a fitted effect. As you can tell there is also a pocket on the front with the same color blue as the edges of the neckline which all creates a put together vibe.

The material is fleece and again, very comfortable. I paired it with average black jeans and my Fila Distruptors to include a tiny bit more color. Half my hair was clipped back to create something a little more exciting and my eyes will be explained in an upcoming blog post.


Link to fleece: Russell Athletic Black Half Zip Crop Sweatshirt

Overall, I absolutely love this brand and I wish I’d discovered it sooner. The price is pretty expensive but the quality and the originality makes them worth it. All these items and more are available on the Urban Outfitters website so I would defiantly recommend checking them out.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.

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