After first seeing this brand on Instagram, I knew they were 100% my style. Their feminist slogan tops, and how they chose to exploit social issues through their use of fashion makes me love the brand that one bit more. The range is available in various Topshops around the Uk and has one of the most outstanding visual layout of a website I have ever seen. The prices are all fairly reasonable and in my opinion are some of the best quality for a high street brand. The designs are all different which shows how original the brand are and their individuality compared to any other brand out there.

Okay, so to get started my first look was this ‘Girls bite’ sweatshirt with basic, black cycling shorts. The cycling shorts trend is pretty popular right now, and I feel like with the right shirt this look is perfect for a day out. The jumper’s quality was amazing considering it was only £28.00. It was not over sized or even a bit to big, the fit was absolutely perfect so the fact that I paired it with tight cycling shorts suited the look well.

The trainers I wore, were my bulky, black Fila distruptors for a casual vibe and my hair was worn in a high pony tail so that every element of the jumper is seen. The thing that attracts my attention most to this sweatshirt is the white outlining ‘Girls’ matching the word ‘Bite’. I feel like this is a very effective touch and  it all create a smart,  contrasting effect.

Link to Sweatshirt: Girls Bite Slogan Sweatshirt

I wore this next look to an amazing fashion event in Leeds which I cannot recommend enough if you ever get the opportunity to attend. The event was called Simply Ladies Fashion show, where they showcased women of all age, race and sizes and it was amazing! One thing I love about attending fashion shows is I get to get all glammed up and choose an outfit. The outfit I chose was this New Girl Order long sleeved white top with a black meshed hoodie and paired it with my Adidas trackpants.

As the pants were detailed and not exactly plain, I rolled both of my tops up together and tied them tight so they wouldn’t come undone. The look is very streetwear type of style which I love. But it also looks done up enough to go to events like these. I love the detailing in the shirt and how you can see the writing and roses through the mesh hoodie. On a mild day this kept me very warm but otherwise on a typical British winters day, layering might be necessary.


Links to Outfit: Mesh Hoodie

‘It’s Cool to be Cute’ Slogan Long sleeve top

This look is one that I would never normally go for, but overall I decided I love the 70’s vibe it brings. As you can tell the pants are flared bottoms and surprisingly this is the first time I’ve ever tried some. Not only were they flared bottoms they were also tartan print which overall makes them completely out of my comfort zone. To get even more experimental I paired them with a pink fitted, slogan hoodie. Would I normally put red and pink together? No. But something about this look makes me think twice about that judgement.

On the hoodie was a Maneki-neko which is commonly known as a lucky waving cat in China, with the words ‘Make it rain Cash Money Honey’ written across it. I felt like this look was one of my favorites out of this post as it is one I would never have thought I would wear as it isn’t really my style, but I loved how I decided to try something new. To match the whole 70’s themed look, I wore my hair in a sophisticated up do and bright red NYX lipstick.

Links to Outfit: ‘Make It Rain’ Print Hoodie

Tartan Print Fares

Another casual look like the first one, is this tie died purple, fitted hoodie which I am obsessed with. Again, I paired the hoodie with black cycling shorts and altogether the look appeared fitted. The Pink writing on the front and back of the hoodie contrasted nicely with the purple background and to me, looked very effective. I love any kind of retro – looking pieces so this hoodie was way up my street.

The front of the hoodie said in pink, small print ‘ Being Human Is So Much Fun’ which I thought was a cute touch and the fact, eye-catching colors were used really supports that statement. Me being extra, I added two sparkly silver clips to either side of my parting  to add something else to the look, which I think added nicely to the effect of the unusual tie dyed hoodie.

Link to Jumper: ‘Earth Girls’ Print Tie Dye Hoodie

Now, If this doesn’t completely remind you of Clueless then I don’t know what will. This skirt has Cher written all over it. The length on the skirt was average but the quality was amazing considering it is only £15. Since it is already full of patterns, I paired it with a plain, black, long sleeved top which suited an everyday look. I added the NYX silver glitter to my eyes to be more involved with the whole glamorous Cher Horowitz effect.

Link to Skirt: Pink Check Pleated Skirt

So, to finish this post I would 100% recommend this affordable brand to anyone and everyone. Not only are they inexpensive with amazing quality, their website also has hundreds of different items which are unusual and unlike anything you’re likely to see on the high street.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.

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