This brand is one I admittedly completely misunderstood. If you are familiar with Streetwear then you would know that Gym King and tracksuits similar are appearing in all sports shops all of a sudden. After seeing only one picture of a tracksuit from this brand I mistakenly assumed that it was another brand like Gym King, but man I was wrong.

I found this brand from Amelia Monet on Youtube as they sponsored her and Deji the gamer for a video. She wore a reversible puffer jacket which I contemplated buying, but then decided I already had too many but besides that it made me intrigued in what other designs the brand had to offer. As soon as I entered the website, I realized that this brand was completely not what I thought it was and I actually really liked a lot of their pieces. So in this blog post I will be talking you through the amazing quality and detailing of the items I brought from this brand and my recommendations.

This first look is one I’ve been living in lately and I am absolutely obsessed with.  The black top is nicely fitted to the highest quality and it has a red gun stitched across the front. I feel that since the outfit is black the red in the top is very eye-catching and attracts more attention to the fit. It also says ‘Love or Lust’ above it which I think is a really cute feature adding that bit extra to the look, and irrelevantly reminds me of Kendrick Lamar’s Lust song which is one of my favorites.

The pants are black with white stitching and looked perfect with this top.  The silver detailing like on the zips and top buttons adds to this effect of old school style and creates almost a retro look. I chose to wear my Nike Air Force which added a fresh touch and the whole look became more my style.


Link to outfit: Zip Pocket Cargo Joggers

Then, part of this next look is you can probably already tell, from the men’s section. I chose to pair this cream colored, oversize men’s sweatshirt with ripped jean-joggers. These pants are absolutely the comfiest type of jeans ever made, and whoever thought of this design needs a pay rise. In fact the designer for this whole entire brand needs a pay rise because I am obsessed with it.

The sweatshirt had sketches on it like hang man which reminded me of the Yeezy Season 5 handwriting sweatshirt. It was of course over sized but that is how I preferred it. My pants were a size 8 and fitted me absolutely perfectly! If I ever need any type of jeans this is where I’m heading too for sure. As ripped jeans are popular, I didn’t want something too basic where I’d see about 5 people on 1 trip to town wearing something similar but these lengthily ripped and slightly faded jeans suited perfectly.

Link to outfit: Graffiti Jumper

Distressed Denim Cargo Pants

I loved this next look, it reminded me of something futuristic but also fashionable to go out in. The top was a long sleeved bodysuit and was cut out slightly in the chest area and one on each thigh, both in the same oval shape. The white detailing in the top, again is something I really like the look off. It went nicely with the white detailing in the pants and trainers but also made the top appear a little less plain.

I also loved the pants so much as I hadn’t seen anything really like them. The fit of these pants are AMAZING and I wouldn’t recommend a brand for pants anymore than this one. They were elasticated at the top as well as elasticated at the bottom, so I chose to wear my high-top Jordans.

Link to outfit: Piped Cut-out Mesh Bodysuit

Piped Cut-out Cargo Pants

So this last look is this whitey/grey belted boiler-suit. Similar to the same elasticated style all the pants came in, this boiler-suit was elasticated around the ankles and at the waist creating the perfect fit. The black buckled belt went nicely with the black contrasted stitching that was on the top bit of the boiler-suit down to the thighs. I paired this outfit with my Fila Distruptors as the black in them also matched the black aspects in the boiler-suit. An additional bonus to the look is there are pockets included too! Because I know for real we all feel lost without pockets. The pockets on the chest had popper stud fastening making them secure but I know the ones by are waist are what we all hope for.

Link to boiler-suit: Top Stitch Belted Boilersuit

So that concludes my Maniere De Voir recommendations and I really do suggest checking out the website as they have some amazing pieces that are unlike anything you see on the high street.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.


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