Recently neon clothing is recognized as one of the biggest fashion trends right now and made an appearance on many catwalks this last Fashion Week including Prabal Gurung and Tibi. Since I love wearing colors, as you could imagine, neon clothing really appeals to me, so I was very excited to experiment with these. When I attended London fashion week in February last year I discovered a new brand I instantly became obsessed with which was Nicopanda. After watching one of their catwalks and seeing all of the vivid neon colors and unique designs there were, I instantly had to order stuff from the brand. Of course if you are familiar with the brand you would know they are not acceptingly affordable and that there must be cheaper alternatives. Well, in this blogpost, not 1 item is more expensive then £40!! After searching on Missguided and Pretty Little Thing I found the perfect 3 outfits for this affordable neon outfit look book. So, in this blogpost I am going to be guiding you through how my neons are worn and styled frequently throughout this month.

My first look are these bright neon orange joggers paired with a fitted long sleeved black top and a bum bag worn  across the body. I have been so obsessed recently with wearing bum bags like this and I feel like it makes a lot of outfits look 10x better than before. Also they are very my style so to be able to wear them with almost everything also making the fit look better is just a plus. The one I have on here and I am in lovee with is this Kappa one that has the logo running all along side the strap. The reason it goes with almost anything is simply because it’s black otherwise it would be difficult to pair with stuff.

Now lets get to the pants! I could live in these extremely neon orange joggers if I had too. They are so incredibly comfy and the quality is absolutely amazing for the price. I chose to wear a long sleeved black top which paired with the black tightening string in the joggers and while we’re on the topic of pairing, I also chose my Nike Air Force to wear as they had elements of orange in them which completed the look nicely. Pants like this can be considered hard to pull off but since I had a black top on everything looked nicely put together and not too OTT.


Link to outfit: Neon Orange Jersey Joggers

If you thought them pants were bright, well then you’re in for another surprise. This neon green top is probably the brightest one I’ve ever worn and is more than likely seen from outer space. Nevertheless I still love it. It’s long-sleeved and turtle neck so is guaranteed to keep you cozy, especially in these winters we have in the UK. It is tight fitted but that’s a feature I love about it as I paired it with loose trousers and not some sort of skinny jeans.

The cargo pants also have an element of neon in them, which is the luminous yellow stripe. Just like most black cargo pants, they have the white stitching and the big side pockets which is an aspect I am obsessed with (especially when they’re real) and they have stripes of neon yellow going along side the hip area. Even though I would never normally pair green and yellow together and especially with neon colors, but since there was only an element of yellow features, surprisingly they coordinated together.

To match the whole neon effect, I did green eye makeup using the Jordan Lipscombe ‘Trooper’ palette (makeup looks coming soon) to almost make it as striking as my top. Of course a neutral and in fact any makeup look is perfectly fine but since this outfit most definitely is not boring, why wear a boring makeup look?


Link to outfit:  Neon Lime Rib High Neck Long Sleeve Top

Black Neon Tape Contrast Cargo Trousers

So that brings us to my last look, which is this same neon green look but only this time on cycling shorts. Cycling shorts are trending in fashion right now, created popular by none other than Kanye West himself with his Yeezy line. Neutral colored cycling shorts appear on almost every social media influencers Instagram so the fact that these are neon green makes them not only unusual and different but trendy and fashionable at the same time.

The turtle neck top I wore underneath my black sweatshirt was the same one from the look above. Personally I feel like the aspects of neon green showing through the black sweatshirt within the turtleneck and slightly on the wrists creates a completed look, and all the same color of neon green looks well together. All the products in this look were worth their price and I just love how the green aspects look together.


Link to outfit: Black Oversized Sweatshirt

Green Neon Velvet Cycling Shorts

Overall, I would hugely recommend these items to you guys and the neon fashion trend as not only does it look good it’s fun to stand out. As popular as neon is getting right now not only on the runway but on a day to day basis I would still 100% recommend it to anyone who’s interested in trying.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on styling neons or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs

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  1. Alice Hope says:

    Love this post, especially the last outfit! I did a similar one on my blog a while ago cos I’m also so into neon at the moment, I never thought it would come back into fashion but here we are hahaha x

    Alice x

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