Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best time of year to be doing a t- shirt look book, but since most of us spend most of our time throughout the day in school, college, uni, or an indoor workplace, are t-shirts really not suitable all year round? Even in the winter we wear t-shirts under our jumpers, so they are pretty essential to everyday life. Focusing more on maybe the warmer days, this blog post shows 3 different looks with 3 different kinds of slogan tee’s and how I style them.

Jumping straight into things, the first look is this long sleeved black tee with ‘Freedom’ written across it in green, with these hugely ripped denim mom jeans.

As at the moment, I’m loving the look of high neck tops underneath stuff, I wore my grey and white stripey ASAP Rocky X Guess collab top where only the high neck is visible. I feel like doing this always makes a big difference and it went pretty well with the black long sleeved top. As you can tell, the tee had elements of green on it, including the writing on the front and down the sleeves which I thought added a touch of something more unique than just a plain long sleeved black top.

As the tee was over sized, I tucked it into my jeans which made the look appear more effective as it showed all aspects of the jeans off from top to bottom. The rips in the jeans are very on trend right now, but unfortunately not the most weather appropriate for this time of year. But you could always style them with fishnet tights underneath or under layers similar to stay warm in this freezing weather we’re experiencing right now.


Link to outfit: Black Long Sleeve Freedom Slogan Oversized T-Shirt

Mid Wash Mom Extreme Rip Jeans

Of course, to no surprise, I paired this next look again with an under layer. I just love the look it brings and I like how it adapts the outfit to suit my style. Unlike the first look, the under layer I wore in this look is visible not only on the neck but on the arms too. The red in the slogan tee doesn’t match the exact red of the under layer but it still looks nicely put together, and I feel like it creates a more exaggerated effect than everything coordinating.

The tee I wore over it was this red slogan ‘Nothing Is New’ top, with red stripes  and silhouettes on the front. I paired these with my tapered Umbro joggers and my blue tick Nike Air Force’s and overall I loved how the outfit turned out. The tee is not over sized at all and is comfortably fitted making the look appear compact.


Link to outfits:  Black Nothing Is New Slogan T Shirt

Umbro Tape Sweat Pant

Now, this top was the complete opposite. Being hugely over sized, pink and patterned, this cute, girly top is comfortable for almost everything! A run round the block, a shopping spree, lounging round the house, there are multiple ways to style it. I chose my cycling shorts and Jordans. In a few of my recent posts, I have been styling multiple looks with cycling shorts so you guys already know I love them, but omg they look cute with this top.

With the black in the ‘Limited Edition’ slogan on the front pairing with the black in the cycling shorts, the outfit looks very put together, even with the black in my Jordans. I tucked the tee into my cycling shorts so they were visible and it is defiantly a go to fit for the summer. I also sectioned my hair out of my face with 2 big sparkly clips which added to the girly touch I was aiming for.


Link to outfit: Pink Striped Limited Edition Slogan Oversized tee

Black Disco Cycling Shorts

That concludes my slogan tee post, each item had amazing quality and I continue to wear them on a daily basis, especially look number 2. I love styling tee’s as they are so necessary to everyday life and putting the right pieces together can look really effective.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on styling tee’s or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

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  1. priya says:

    I love the cycling shorts trend, it makes wearing a baggy t-shirt so easy and it’s by far one of the most comfiest outfits I’ve ever worn! Love how these shirts were styled! x


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