If you are obsessed with watching beauty guru’s on Youtube as much as I am, then you would’ve heard of Jordan Lipscombe, the British Youtuber with over 1.5 million subscribers with weekly content who recently partnered with Beauty Bay to create 3 different eye shadow palettes. Her creativity is amazing and I love to binge watch her videos while trying to copy her incredible makeup looks.

I can safely say, if Jordan were to release more to this collection I will most defiantly be buying. All the colors blend perfectly and smoothly creating a polished eye look. The colors could be considered ones you would use on a daily basis for some people but they could also be made glam for a night out. Each palette came with 6 eye shadows and 2 highlighters. In the ‘Fuego’ and ‘Trooper’ palette there are 2 shimmers and the other 4 are mattes whereas all the eye shadows in the ‘Onyx’ palette are all mattes which I feel like a majority of people prefer to use for everyday use.

So the first palette I’m going to go into is the all mattes ‘Onyx’. This is the most basic one out of the 3 which is all warm tones with a pop of yellow. As you can tell, the yellow was a main feature in this look. I never really create yellow eye-looks, only because I didn’t have any bold yellow eye shadows, but now I am obsessed with it. I created a simple, everyday look which could be altered to become more glam or natural.

First off, I applied the lightest shade of brown over my lids as a transition color, as it was the lightest shade there that wasn’t white. Then I created the shape of the eye look I went in with the 2nd darkest of the brown shade (The top middle) and blended that all over my lid, crease and outer V. I also ran that same shade along my lash line so it all looked compact and blended nicely. Next I concealed my inner and middle lid so that I had a clean base to work on. I then packed on a lot of the yellow shade and let me say this shade is so nice to work with as it is so buildable. I could defiantly go all out with this and create an all yellow look but I love how the browns tend to down the bright color out so it’s not the most obvious. The last touch I made was adding the darkest brown shade into the outer V and slightly on the outer lid blending everything nicely together and completing the look.

Onyx palette


So if you follow my Instagram @tjblogs then you would see from my stories my favorite eye looks ever are red/orange tones, so this palette as you can imagine really excited me. I made a slightly more dramatic look with this palette using the shimmer colors and also pairing it with a ton of jewelry making it look even more extra. Out of the 3 this palette had to be my favorite as it included all of my favorite eye colors that I needed to create the perfect red shimmer eye look.

To begin I again used the lightest brown shade as a transition color and patted slightly the matte plum color all over my lid, outer V and crease. Before applying the shimmers on my lid I used the orange matte shade where I wanted the shimmers to lighten the lid up a bit. I then mixed the two shimmer shades together (ones more pink and ones more orangey) and applied the across my inner and middle lid over where I put the orange. I then used a blending brush and used the plum color again to blend all outer V, outer lid and crease together bringing the whole look together. On my lower lash line I used the same plum color but with a mixture of the orange shade to make the look more dramatic. For final touches I used the lightest shade of highlight in my inner corner to add a pop of color and it made the shimmers stand out more.

Fuego palette


Last but certainly not least, is the ‘Tropper’ palette which is full of greens which is way out of my comfort zone but overall I loved it. As I have brown eyes, the green shadow really made them stand out and glisten. The look is a whole green look with no aspects of any other color although I used a brown shade to blend a lot of it in and deepen the crease. Around my crease, I went straight in with the brown shade creating the shape of how I want my eye shadow. Once that was done, I used the light green, khaki, matte shade all over my crease and lid drowning out the brown shade but making the green shade darker.

As there was green all along my lid already I  had the transition shade I needed to apply the shimmer on top . I used the khaki green shimmer shade all over my lid, this time extending up to my crease. I used the other golden shimmer shade only slightly in my outer V and blended that all in nicely so everything appeared tidy. On my lower lash line, I used the khaki, matte green shade to match the lid and in my inner corner I again used the lightest highlight color to make the whole eye look pop and look more shimmer.

Trooper Palette


So, in conclusion I absolutely loved all 3 palettes and made 3 entirely different eye looks. I would defiantly recommend purchasing these even if you have no interest in Jordan Lipscombe at all, the palettes are defiantly worth buying. The quality is amazing and I really hope she creates more for this collection as I will defiantly be buying.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other palettes you would like me to write a review on or do another 5 looks using a certain palette then please leave a comment down below.

Shoutout to @josemmanuel.t who gifted me these palettes, he’s the best 🙂

Link to buy: Jordan Lipscombe Collection

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