Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I decided to gather a collection of my personal style and beauty inspirations to share with you guys. My style has majorly changed over the years, and I have gone through many, many different style phases as well as developing my makeup. With us using social media everyday we automatically see something we like and want it. Whether that be on a celebrity we admire or just an accessories post we’re likely to see something we want by influence on there at least once a day. I believe that the influence celebrities have on us, we definitely get a lot of our inspiration for almost anything from them. Whether that’s fashion, makeup, art or even skincare, having them promote unique products makes us intrigued to try them for ourselves.

To make it easier for you guys I will leave each influencers Instagram’s below the paragraph I talk about them.

So, to start everything off I will begin with a blogger who has inspired me from the very beginning who also gives me huge fashion inspiration is Negin Mirsalehi. Her style is very chic on an everyday basis but she can also go very, very beautifully glam to events, which I loveee as it gives a variety of how she styles different outfit types. Even her airport outfits are bomb. Another reason why Negin is a huge inspiration of mine is because she travels a lot in association with fashion which means she has to dress appropriately for all types of weathers, and if you live in the UK then you would know we have to wrap up WARM warm basically throughout the year.

Instagram: @negin_mirsalehi

Another for style inspiration would be Esme Dixy who is a member of the Youtube channel Nayva which is all about fashion. I only recently discovered this channel but instantly became obsessed with it. Esme’s style is very streetwear-hip which is pretty similar to my own where we both love camos, layering, over sized and neons so after discovering Esme on Instagram I now look up to her style for inspiration a majority of the time.

Instagram: @esamadixy

Link to bucket hat: Kangol Bucket Hat

Then for style and beauty my next inspiration is of course Faith Jaggernauth who is an upcoming global model that serves looks everyday on her Instagram. Her style is very edgy and unusual and I love it. Her makeup on the other hand is always absolutely gorgeous. She wears a dewy/glowy natural look almost in all her pictures and I’m living for it. I also love how she layers her jewelry and is known for wearing multiple bulky chains with her grunge aesthetic style.

Instagram: @fleurdefoi

Of course, it wouldn’t be a style inspiration post without Jaden Smith. With his own clothing line Msftsrep he is already a style icon with his own take on skater/streetwear original designs. I love how he normally always wears statement pants that are unusual and pairing them with a more basic, plain top. As I also live in over sized clothing, Jaden Smith always styles his out to look more original and high fashion which is also why I use him as a big fashion inspiration.

Instagram: @c.syresmith

Link to bucket hat: Reason Utility Cord Bucket Hat

Now, moving onto beauty. Kelsey Simone has always a been a big inspiration of mine when it comes to beauty. Her flawless makeup looks on her Youtube channel are always radiant and glowing which is always my favorite makeup look to do. She does mostly natural everyday looks and I love that as those are what I always normally go for too. Her looks are always very dewy but very glam so they look good for anything and I love that about her.

Instagram: @k.els.e.y

Lastly, we have another beauty inspiration, which is another Youtuber; Sarahy Delarosa. I only discovered her channel a few months ago but the transformations she makes are incredible. She is so talented and can do probably any kind of look possible. Another good thing about her is that she doesn’t really have one set theme, she experiments with almost every color. Her videos normally include a lot of drugstore products too to make it more affordable for you guys to buy what you liked in the video.

Instagram: @iheart_sarahy

Link to bucket hat: UO Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

These are only a few inspirations for style and beauty I have but if you guys want to see a part 2, I will be more than happy to do that.

Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions for blog posts you would like to see from me in the future then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

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