In no doubt is snakeskin everywhere right now and making an appearance on almost every runway this fashion week. It’s a statement piece that you either love or hate – like leopard print, and truthfully I love it. Of course all the snakeskin items in this post are faux! It’s 2019 we’re not hurting animals for fashion anymore! Nevertheless I love how snake prints look in different items of clothing  and I love to use them as a statement piece as part of my outfits.

I remember watching the Givenchy 2014 runway which included a few snakeskin designs and it was a new unusual trend at the time when animal prints were just starting to get popular. So it’s gone full circle and back to trending after all these years. It can be seen on shoes, skirts, shorts, trousers, tops, jackets, handbags, you name it. So I decided to do a blog post all about styling my favorite snakeskin items since they seem to have made a huge comeback right now.

My first look is this sophisticated, classy business woman type look which can appear pretty bad-ass. I love this look for any type of occasion. It is bold, confident, and the snakeskin is a huge statement piece that really stands out. The over sized blazer was obviously the element of business type women look and the fact that I paired that with a Kappa bumbag was the bad-ass element. I never wear blazers so this was out of my comfort zone, but once again I love to style new things.

I could’ve worn the blazer open, with the black top underneath showing but I decided to adjust it to my style and wear it with a bumbag so that it appears more like a dress than a blazer. As blazers are considered more work wear I paired it with ripped jeans to make it more street style. My black Fila distruptors also went with the black bumbag creating a coordinated look which I also love.


Link to outfit: Tall Snake Print Tailored Blazer

Tall San Fran Slogan T-Shirt (Underneath T)

Rip Knee High Wasted Mom Jeans

Kappa Bum Bag

The next look is this classy and again sophisticated winter look. I did a glowy makeup look and wore gold statement earrings and my hair in a low ponytail and middle parting. On my top half, I wore two different shades of white, a cream toned turtleneck jumper and a white frayed coat. This also matched perfectly with my Karl Lagerfeld silver handbag which stood out against the white.

The pants on the other hand are snakeskin print, but this time red and black. They were high wasted so i contemplated tucking in my jumper so the zip detailing on the pants was visible, but the jumper wasn’t in any way long at all so I decided not too. I again wore my Fila distruptors that made the outfit more my style and more casual, with bulky socks again a cream color adding to the whole winter vibe look.


Link to outfit: Roll Neck Jumper

A similar Coat

Karl Lagerfeld Handbag

Snakeskin Leather Trousers

My favorite look out of this whole post has to be this one. The snakeskin play suit is literally everything. If you live in the UK and you were lucky enough to get heaps of snow then I’m jealous. We got the tiniest amount but probably the same amount of coldness. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t weather appropriate but it was still really cute. I wore it with the same cream turtleneck jumper from the second look and together they went really well.

You could always wear it with tights or leggings in this weather but stupidly I chose nothing and now as I’m writing this I have the worst cold (literally I’ve been in bed ill for the last 3 days). But with black colored tights or leggings it would still look as cute. Again like the look above I wore cream colored bulky socks which matched my jumper but this time paired it with my Timberlands which gave the more winter vibe especially with the element of snow in the background.


Link to outfit: Roll Neck Jumper

Snake Print Leather Look Buckle Playsuit

Premium 6 Inch Timberlands

Then lastly, I paired this snakeskin high neck, long sleeved top with a cream colored denim skirt. This look was again not weather appropriate but again pretty sophisticated – which was mainly due to my up-do hairstyle. I wore a glowy look (which I will be doing a blog post all about in the future so stay tuned) and my hair up with the front strands coming out and I think that’s the element of sophistication in this look.

For the outfit itself, I love how this turned out. The skirt was denim and distressed and also the same cream color I’ve recently been wearing a lot, and went perfectly with this brown snakeskin. Again can you guess what I worn on my feet? Yup I chose the distruptors AGAIN. To accessorize I wore my Beats around my neck to bring a more streetwear vibe. But overall I loved the casualness of this look.


Link to outfit: Snake Print Roll Neck Bodysuit

Distressed Micro Mini Denim Skirt

Beats Headphones

As you know by now, there’s no hiding how much I love snakeskin. The look it brings just makes an outfit look 10x better. If you haven’t already purchased anything snakeskin I would recommend in a second. Definitely jump on to this hype It’s 100% worth it.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on styling snakeskin or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

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