If you follow me on Instagram you undoubtedly would know that I recently spent a few nights away in the beautiful city of London. I live around a 3 hour train journey away which isn’t that bad but any chance I get to go I take and appreciate every second. London is one of my most favorite cities I’ve ever been too, so to get to go for a few days means everything to me. I spent the days doing a lot of touristy stuff and although I’ve done them before, they NEVER get old. Also this time I went was probably the first time I’d seen London in the sun and omg the difference. It’s still amazing on a rainy cold day but its really a different experience when its not.

1 -So, getting straight into things the first thing I wanna talk about is The Shard. I came to London this time last year too but for London Fashion Week and got the chance to go up The Shard then so this is actually my second time, but like I said before these things NEVER get old. The view is incredible and you get to see almost every single thing in London up there. Once your up there, there’s sofas and stalls where you can sit and look at the view. There’s also a bar and an Ice cream parlour, which of course I brought from and yes it was lush, and once your done on that level you can go up a floor to the rooftop where there’s another bar with snacks.

A little hack for ticket discounts – Booking in advance online is cheaper than booking upon arrival. And if you’ve traveled by train, we got off at London Euston where there was a whole 2 for 1 leaflet that we picked up that got us 2 for 1 tickets into The Shard and on to The London Eye, and there was many, many more offers including restaurants ,which I would recommend for you to pick up. Only thing is you must remember to bring your train tickets with you for proof that you’ve traveled here as the offer is courtesy of the train service.

2 -Another attraction to do with heights which is funny because I used to be terrified of them and I’m talking about not that long ago but now I can’t get enough of them. So it’s no surprise that I went on The London Eye and loved it. Okay so once your there the ques outside seem massive but I promise once you’re in it you’re at the front before you know it. The whole experience takes about 30 minutes and you feel as though most of that time is spent going up. The view from the top is amazing. You get to see most of London from above and I will always love that.

3 -Camden Market is also a must when in London. The markets themselves sell almost everything. It’s not your typical Oxford street shops on the other hand, in Camden Market the stalls are all unique, independent brands that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else. The road that leads into Camden Market also had the coolest store fronts. There was a few mainstream shops out there including Size and Urban Outfitters but once you’re in the market itself the only brands you will recognize are the ones in the thrift shops as every stall is completely unique and not like anything on the high street.

4  Now this attraction you can’t actually get into you can only walk up too and look at from the outside but it is still amazing to see. It’s none other than Buckingham Palace. At the time we were there the Queen was home, which we could tell because the flag at the top was raised otherwise it would be down. You cannot pass the gates that lead up to the Palace but there are plenty of places to sit and look at the amazing view, including The Queen Victoria Memorial. There are also many parks around with the most beautiful views that I would recommend walking through.

5 – We see this on the ITV News every morning so every time I see it in real life is always surreal. It’s been on all sorts of films including my favorite – Harry Potter. At one side of the bridge you have the Tower of London and on the other is the beautiful Shard. From the side that I was sitting (The Shard side) you could see the most perfect view of London, where you could have a picnic while treasuring the moment.

6 -Trafalgar square has to be one of my favorite places to visit. It always has street artists entertaining everyone and you get to look at the magnificent architecture. When I was there, there were singers, roller skaters and dancers all on the same level at the same time, it was amazing. It’s normally busy here full of people taking photos of everything but we got here about 16:30 and it wasn’t as busy as it normally is when we’re there. There’s also the 4 lions that surround the Nelson Column which you can climb up on for a good photo opportunity.

7 -If you’re interested in museums or animals and dinosaurs then I would 100% recommend the National History museum. It has all the history about dinosaurs – where they came from, which dinosaur is which, what happened to them etc. It has biological stuff which I found pretty interesting and overall I enjoyed learning all about human bodies. The building itself is also a work of art so if you don’t enjoy history type museums then I would still recommend to go just to see the building. Another plus is that there isn’t a fixed price to this Museum you just simply make a donation at the gates of how big or little you want and then you’re in.

8 -Another beautiful place to walk around is Covent Garden, it’s one of the places that have more of the high fashion shops like Chanel, Dior and Tiffanys but the place itself to just see and not shop is so lovely especially when the suns out. It also has street entertainment including singers and magicians which were cool to watch and not too crowded. There’s also a market in the center where individual brands sell their work.

9 -Next is where Prince Charles got married and the Queen herself’s place to pray. St. Paul’s Cathedral has been built and rebuilt 5 times but still is one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen. You do have to pay to go in but in no doubt you could spend at least half the day in there just looking around. There’s also a viewing point at the top where you get to go outside and see the views of London from above. Even if you don’t want to go in, just seeing the building from outside is extraordinary enough and there are a few coffee shops opposite it with window seats so you can look at the view from there with a cuppa (well that’s what we did anyway).

10 -Last but not least is a trek through Hyde Park. I love walks like this through the country side, but Hyde Park is on a whole other level. On a warm day the majority of people in London are out having picnics in Hyde Park, and I would totally recommend doing the same. Although we didn’t have a picnic there are a few stalls around where we all brought Ice cream and enjoyed it as we walked around the park. It’s always beautiful to see all the nature in London so Hyde Park is always a must every time I go.

Thank you for reading and If you have anymore suggestions on where to visit in London please leave a comment below to help more readers out. I hope this post makes you want to visit as London truly is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been too.

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