After Fenty X Puma I won’t even lie, I got obsessed with the brand. Puma’s always been that brand that I’ve associated with basic sportswear and nothing out of the ordinary, but this collection has made me see the brand in a whole new light. Every one of these Puma pieces are from Zalando.com and each one is amazing quality that makes the price worth it. As you will see they are all pretty suitable for my style and nothing that I wouldn’t wear for everyday purposes, so lets get straight into it.

For the first time in awhile, I literally can’t choose which outfit from this post is my favorite. To begin I styled this fitted white top with my orange nylon skirt which was cute af. The top had aspects of orange and blue on it included in the writing on the front and also the frills on the lining, which went perfectly with the orange skirt. The top was high neck, short sleeved and fitted which is one of my favorite looks right now. The skirt is also made of 100% nylon which is something I’ve never tried before but I love the look of it. Of course I wore my high tops which I felt made the whole look come together as they let off a more tom-boy vibe than anything else.

Link to outfit:  Puma Cargo Skirt

Puma High Neck Tee

Then we have another all nylon fit which is these black and orange dungarees. As you can probably tell by now, orange is a running theme during these outfits and i love wearing the color. Orange and black go VERY well together and i love how it looks. The dungarees had a vibrant orange belt attached to them which had a black buckle on them tying the whole look together.

If you are looking at buying these dungarees I would recommend going a size down as these were a size S but still too baggy. Personally I wore no top underneath this but i know a long sleeved orange high neck would look amazing! I paired this with slides – which is really unlike me but it gave the look more laid back vibes than mechanic worker vibes.

Link to dungarees: Puma Dungarees

Lastly, I wore a matching white tracksuit which also had orange detailing. I am obsessed with this full zip, long sleeved top which appears sporty yet different to the mainstream items you see in shops like JD and Sports Direct. The detailing going the whole way along the arm matches the detailing going the whole way down the leg so look very coordinated. The top is tight fitted which I like and the pants are elasticated at the bottom so this look is not over sized at all. For shoes, going along the elements of orange in the look, I colored the tick in with an orange sharpie on my Nike Air Forces making the orange stand out that one bit more as the outfit is a plain white color.

Link to outfit: Puma Tracksuit Pants

Full Zip Long Sleeved top

That concludes my Racetrack fits with Puma, All these items were worth the price and i would definitely recommend checking out the whole range on Zalando to see all the different things as I know how happy I am with all my items.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.

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