Hey guys welcome back to my blog. I am trying my best to branch out from continuously doing fashion related posts all the time (since as you all know – fashion is my obsession) to try and do more beauty related posts. Of course I am forever going to be posting fashion blog posts but since beauty also plays a big role in the fashion industry it feels only right to keep a balance between the two.

For Christmas my Godparents kindly gifted me a Karl Lagerfeld handbag which is literally GLUED to me I take it everywhere, and adding to the theme of Karl Lagerfeld they also included Glossy box’s collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld Model co which is of course what I’m going to be reviewing. Only last year, Karl partnered up with Model co to bring out a high end cosmetic range which Glossy box has collaborated with in order to create this 6 piece cosmetics box.

The total value of the whole box is of £117 but is sold for only £30!! Already I can tell you it is 10000% worth it and no I’m not over exaggerating with the percentage. It comes with 4 full size products and 2 deluxe minis which are the lipstick and lip gloss. After never trying a Karl Lagerfeld Model co item before to testing out all 6 of these, I can hand on heart say I’ll be looking in to buying more.


Red Lip Couture Lipstick 

Q – Since when did Thalia ever wear red lipstick? A- Since discovering this product. This lip stick is the Queen B of red lipsticks. It literally stays of your lips the majority of the day which is a miracle for a lipstick, plus it’s one of the most stand out colors you can get. It is also so buildable – I guess like any other lipstick, but when have you ever known a buildable red? As you already know from my blog I love to wear all sorts of different colored outfits (of course I’m bringing fashion into it, typical) but I’ve been loving pairing this red lip with a whole white fit or a whole black fit making them lips popp and throughout the whole day I’d say I touch up on it about 3-4 times, which is not bad at all!

This product did come as a deluxe mini (1.5g) but red is not a lip color I wear on a day to day basis sooo.. this is probably going to last me until another 6 months and then I’ll consider repurchasing. The deluxe mini retails for £11 which to me is slightly pricey for the amount you get but I guess we’re paying for the luxurious quality. One down side to this product I have to say is that if you misplace the lipstick it is a bloody bugger to get off. Since it stays on your lips it also stays on your skin which you could probably imagine, but overall i thoroughly enjoy wearing this lipstick and always feel almost glam when I’m out.

I rate this product a 8/10

Red Lip Liner

To match the red lipstick the box also included the same shade red lip liner. Every lip kit always has the lip liner shade that tad bit darker than the lipstick itself to create more contoured/defined lips. This product is just the same. Personally I do prefer to wear the lipstick with the liner as the color is a popping red it’s hard to just throw on without getting everywhere so a liner makes it easier to place. It is long lasting and suits the lipstick perfectly. The only thing is I’ve never tried a lip liner that wasn’t long lasting, but I’ve never had a rouge red liner before so don’t quote me but more affordable brands may sell some that work just as well. Not to say I don’t love this because I do! But my £3 Revolution one works just the same.

This lip liner is sold for £21 so is almost as much as the whole box itself! In all honesty I love it but there could definitely be more affordable ones on the high street.

I rate this product a 7/10


Rose Pink Baked Blush

I am that person that would rather go for a bronzed dewy look than a summer rosy look but this product works well both ways. Firstly – the packaging!! I LOVE. Okay it is pretty simple but it has the fashion Icon himself on it! Plus the black packaging contrasting with the pink product is just a pretty thing to look at in general right? The first time I ever tried a blusher was Benefits ‘Dandelion’ and I did slightly fall in love with it and wear it everyday for about 6 months until something newer came along. But since trying this, this is the blush I recommend to all my friends, family, cousins, pets continuously as it is in one word: amazing.

It has a hint of shimmer in it which I personally love the look of and doesn’t come out too pink on your cheeks in fact it comes out perfectly. As I was saying I do prefer more bronzed looks that rosy on myself but this blends so perfectly with my bronzer it gives that sun kissed effect I love. I would say it is a pretty subtle blush but it is buildable. It isn’t that noticeable that you have blusher on once it’s on, but it does make a great difference. The price is pretty expensive (retails for £31! A pound more than the whole box!!) and personally I’ve never splurged on a blusher that expensive before but I can definitely say at the moment this blush is my favorite one. But is it worth a great £31? I will have to keep you guys updated if I buy a new one, but it’s not due to hit pan anytime soon as you get 3.5g of product!

I rate this product a 9/10

Blush Brush

Is there really much to say about a brush? I’ve only just today gone on the Glossy box website to find out the names of all the products to discover that this brush is not in fact for bronzer which I’ve been using it as.It’s for blush.Which now makes more sense as to why there was a brush included as the blush was the only powdered product. I guess it might make a great blush brush too but it most definitely makes a great bronzer brush. It’s just the right angled shape that gets the product across your cheek bones best. It doesn’t leave too much of the product on afterwards either so it performs the best a brush can perform.

Again, not the most affordable. This brush retails for £22 which I have once bought a whole set of brushes for. And honestly for 1 single brush I’m not entirely convinced that I would pay that for this. Which is once again why this Glossy box is such an amazingly great deal!!

I rate this product a 7/10


Long-Lasting Liquid EyeLiner

If you follow my blog you would know how many times I’ve worn a bold winged eyeliner with my looks – MANY. And you would know that my favorite is the Eyeko eyeliner which I also received in a Glossy box in the past. But this.. THIS eyeliner I will have to say is more long lasting and more easier for lining your lower lash line. As Eyeko is still my number one go to the only down side to that is it’s not the most long lasting and tends to wear off after around 2 hours which results in me topping it up, but it’s still the best and easiest for applying which with any other liner I struggle with. So once I do my first layer I apply this Karl Lagerfeld Model co one on top and this has worked perfectly since the beginning.

This eyeliner is retailed for £21, and yes, I would repurchase it again full price. To compare to a well known eyeliner, I would say this is on the same level as the well loved Laura Mercier one.

I rate this product a 7/10

Ramatuelle Lip Gloss 

Coming to an end now, the last product in this limited edition Glossy Box is this ‘Ramatuelle’ nude lip gloss. Now I love lip gloss, I could live in it, and I could definitely live in this one but it is nothing out of the ordinary. I love nude colored glosses and this one lasts relatively long but again nothing too special. You can definitely get glosses like this on the high street that work just as well but for cheaper. The product is amazing and I love the color and shine it gives off but there’s just nothing that makes it so much different to one you can find in a drugstore.

This deluxe mini is sold for £11 like the deluxe mini red lipstick, and honestly I do love it but I would recommend finding an alternative. You only get a small amount (1.2g) for £11, where as you can find one just as good for half the price and double the amount! In the future if I do ever find a cheaper alternative that works and looks just as good I will be sure to update you guys.

I rate this product a 7/10


That concludes my Karl Lagerfeld Model co Glossy box review. If you are interested in buying any of these products, I would of course recommend buying the Glossy Box just because of its value for price! If I do end up purchasing more from this brand I will do an updated blog post on things I maybe have repurchased but more than likely newbies.

Karl Lagerfeld has inspired me through the world of fashion so much and there is really nobody that can ever replace him. His work was extraordinary and he really shaped the fashion industry into the amazing world it is today. I will forever be inspired by the way he thought and worked throughout his lifetime.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on then please leave a comment down below.

Link to buy: Karl Lagerfeld Glossybox

My Instagram: @tjblogs



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