Hey guys, if you can’t tell recently I’ve been trying to upload a lot more beauty posts. I am all for sharing my looks with you guys and I love to experiment with the creativity of makeup. This blog post is not going to include an in full depth review on each item I use but I have decided in the future I will begin to create blog posts all to do with my monthly favorites, empty makeup products, etc. that shows what products I’m really loving and worth buying.IVJF6086

Most of the products I included in this post are ones I use on a daily. I included all the products I continuously repurchase and would recommend to you guys so this post isn’t full of newbies or products I think would look better, everything here has my full trust in staying on my face all day.

I will section each category of items I use and leave a link below the item to the shop I got mine from. I will also list the items in the same order I put them on my face, so lets get right into things.



I am that girl that has thickk ass natural brows. In high school I remember feeling left out that I wasn’t going for a brow wax on the weekend with the girls and once my friend even told me I needed them done but still I never considered it. True story – I eventually decided I wanted my brows tidying up and asked my mum to take me to a Debenhams store to get them waxed and ended up crying in the car with a Costa as they were wayyy too thin and to me, brows are a big feature on your face that I love. I felt like Rihanna on her UK Vogue cover 2018 and hated them. Fortunately they grew back to how they used to be and all that was a phase I now look back at photos and laugh at – cringe but laugh.

I always start off with my brows no matter what makeup look I’m doing. I use the Benefit Ka-Brow cream gel from the middle of my brow to the tail end, sculpting the shape with the precise brush that comes with it. Then, to fill the beginning of the brow I use my Glossier Boy Brow gel which is slightly lighter than the Ka-Brow cream to create that defined, full eyebrow effect.

Benefit Ka-Brow Cream gel – Link to buy

Glossier Boy Brow – Link to buy



Since I LOVE looking glowy and radiant, I always wear the Autograph liquid highlighter under my foundation. I place it on my brow bone, down my nose, on my cupids bow and slightly on my T Zone (see I told you I love highlighter). I normally blend this in slightly not perfectly with a blending sponge and do it perfectly when I apply my foundation so it all mixes together. Although this highlighter is always my go to before foundation, it is always going to stay being placed before as I have better, more creamy and long lasting ones I can think of for the ultimate dewy look.

For foundation, I normally wear this Loreal True Match on a daily basis but for a glam look I apply them few extra pumps. I blend everything together with a beauty sponge again so that now I am looking like one big white glowing foundation face. But we all look like this at some point in our routines right?

Moving then onto concealer, I use the Clinique line smoothing concealer that is literally the best one I’ve ever used for radiance and coverage. I do the typical triangle under my eyes that every beauty gurus on Youtube has taught us and blend that in again using the same blending sponge.

Autograph Liquid Highlight – Link to buy

Loreal True Match Foundation – Link to buy

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer – Link to buy


Since this palette has a lot of fallout, I always try to do my eye makeup before doing all the contouring and building up the rest of my face so that it’s a lot easier too gently wipe away than it would be if my face was already completed. I used my Smashbox Full Exposure palette that I absolutely adore for a glam look. This look was so simple to do, I used a beige shade for the transition color, then the darkest brown shade in the outer V and outer crease which is the same shade I used along my lower lash line. Then too top is all off, I used the gold shimmer along my lid before finishing with the whitest shimmer for my inner corners.

This in itself would have looked glam enough but of course I added my beloved Eyeko eyeliner. I did a winged liner that wasn’t too thick, but thick enough to still be noticeable behind them lashes.

THE LASHES omg. The lashes are the only new thing in this look as I normally only wear natural fakes but I can guarantee I’ll be wearing these lashes 24/7 from now on. I bought these lashes from Amazon as I always loved the look of big, glam lashes and for my first time wearing some these are absolutely perfect and I already know it’s going to be hard to find some just as good. I know they do not look natural at all but I guess to make them more realistic I used the Clinique High Impact Lash Mascara to gradually make my real lashes blend in more with the fakes.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eye shadow Palette – Link to buy

Eyeko Eyeliner – Link to buy

Clinique High Impact Mascara – Link to buy

Lashes – Link to buy

Bronze,Blush & Highlight

After already having done my base, there wasn’t too much left to do. To get more shape into my face and appear to have slightly more defined cheek bones I used the Laritzy shade stick which is one of the best contour sticks I’ve ever used. I apply it on my cheek bones and blend it of course with a beauty sponge. To add even more structure I apply my Benefit Hoola bronzer over the top to get an even more glamorous look.

For blush, I applied the Apicia Blush cream as a base with a beauty sponge all around the apples of my cheeks. This base is for sure going to be making an appearance in a monthly favorites post as it is one I use on a daily and one of those products we all have that nothing can replace. If you read my previous post on Karl Lagerfeld Model co product then you would know just how much I love this blush. This is the blush I then apply over the base to make that full glam-night-time-makeup-going-out-to-an-event effect.XRBX2195

Finally my favorite bit – the highlight. I use two highlights in my glam look 1 being the  Barry M Strobe Cream Highlighter and 2 The Estee Edit Flash Illuminator. Since the Barry M strobe cream is more easy to apply than the Estee Edit flash illuminator and a lot less liquidy I apply that one first and then the Estee one over it to get that highlight looking popping. I only apply the tiniest amount as both of the products are very buildable so don’t need much to get that glamorous glow I’m aiming for.

Laritzy Contour Stick – Link to buy

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – Link to buy

Apicia Blush Cream – Link to buy

Karl Lagerfeld Model co Blush – Link to buy

Barry M Strobe Cream – Link to buy

Estee Edit Flash Illuminator – Link to buy


To outline my lips I used the Revolution lip pencil in the shade ‘Bow Down’ which is a statement itself. To pair with that I wore the Mac creme sheen lipstick in the shade ‘Lipstick Mcizzle’ which went PERFECTLY together. I’m always pairing these two together and then the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in ‘Fenty Glow’ on top. This gloss bomb is honestly my favorite lip gloss ever and I can’t wait for the shade range to expand.

To finish the whole look off I use the Urban Decay setting spray as it is so long lasting and since I have all this product on my face that I do not want to come off it is perfect.

Revolution Lip Pencil – Link to buy

Mac Lipstick – Link to collection

Fenty Gloss Bomb –Link to buy

Urban Decay 24 hour Setting Spray – Link to buy

As I said in the beginning of the post this is not an in depth review on each product and if you’re wondering why I have only said good things about every single item I used it’s because these are the items I use constantly and have my 100% trust in.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other looks you would like me to create then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs



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