Over the past month I’ve been loving wearing co-ords. Whether that be double denim or a two piece that looks like one, I love to style matching sets like this. I recently discovered a new online website called Jaded London and FELL in love. Their shop is so individual and like nothing you can get on the high street which is why I love it so much. To me, a majority of their pieces look like something that could be sold in Selfridges. They’re not the most affordable but for the originality of the designs and the high standard quality it is most definitely worth it.

I purchased 3 different outfits but could have easily of bought way more. If I could I would buy the whole store. But unfortunately as a college student that is very, highly, extremely impossible. So 3 outfits it is.

All these looks are nothing like what I’ve worn before. Each piece is so nothing like the last one and I am in love with all 3 of them I cannot begin to even choose a favorite. Quick disclaimer: Each set item is sold separately so the top would have an individual price to the bottoms.

I’ll start with this Harlequin Scarf Print co-ord. The top to this was cropped and fitted and since living in Britain, not the most weather appropriate. It is likely if you did want to wear it out then you would of course have to pair it with a jacket or coat which is annoying since there’s cute zip detailing at the back and lace up detail at the front which might no longer be visible. I ordered it in a size Small (I’m normally a Size UK 8) and felt that it is possibly slightly too loose so maybe consider going a size down in their items next time.

The pants were also gorgeous AF. To me it reminded me of some Cuban carnival and gave me ultimate Camilla Cabello ‘Havana’ vibes. They were wide leg and high wasted so two features that I love. Jaded London sell a range of scarf print co-ords similar and after trying this I will definitely be branching out on more of the collection in the future.

Links to outfit: Harlequin Scarf Print Crop Top

Scarf Print Wide Leg Pants

Then… the camos. This long sleeved half camo half tie die T-shirt dress looked so unique and amazing paired with the camo cycling shorts. As the tee was actually a T-shirt dress it was expediently pretty long so if I didn’t tuck it into the shorts then they wouldn’t be visible at all. Nevertheless I paired it with a Guess belt and that slightly lifted the shirt as it made it tighter making the shorts more visible that way.

For shoes, I wore my blue Doc Martins which are not my size at all and made my feet ache the longer I wore them but I love them too much to throw them out??? Don’t ask, I don’t know why I still wear them either. For material and quality, it is again definitely worth it. There are definitely cycling shorts out there cheaper for the same quality, but I’m that person that would rather pay that bit extra too look different to everyone else so in my opinion it’s worth it for that sense.

Links to outfit: Half Camo Half Tie Dye Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Camo Print Cycling Shorts

Unfortunately (saying unfortunately as I wish I bought more and this wasn’t the last item) coming to the last outfit now, I chose this Cherub Print High Neck Long Sleeve top and Flared pants. OOF this fit! I am now obsessed with anything print and can guarantee  you all I will be living in it. The top is high neck, long sleeved, a crop fit, can it get anymore perfect?! I absolutely love it but the only thing I know a few people won’t like is that it’s velvet and so are the pants.

Remember that trend in the year 2000 where people would have their thongs on show up their hips, well Jaded London have decided to bring that back and I’m all here for it. These flared pants were high wasted and included a heart thong detail that needs to be made on more pants although these were perfectly suited with the print and I can happily live in this outfit for the rest of my life (maybe a slight exaggeration) but there honestly isn’t anything I would change about any of these fits.

Link to outfit: Cherub Print High Neck Long Sleeve Crop top

Cherub Print Flares with Heart Thong Detail

Not that this post was a review on the brand but overall I can positively say that you should 100% check Jaded London out if you love not looking the same as everyone else and I can guarantee you will find something you like.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.






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