Finally another fashion post! I know it’s been a while my bad!! For this post I decided to put together outfits using a variety of different types of tracksuit pants including 3 quarters, wide leg and fixed cuffs. Tracksuit pants are just the comfiest pants and we all have them days where we want to choose comfort over fashion, but this blog post shows ways you can style your trackies to incorporate them both.

I mainly wear tracksuit bottoms to travel in or on a lazy day but how I’ve styled them in  this post they are suitable for anything. As we all know these pants are associated with sport shops such as JD, I tried to make them appear more high fashion and less like you’re on your way to the gym.

Okay so maybe this one does slightly look like you’re going to the gym. But nevertheless it’s still really cute. These Nike stripe pants are casual but spice up your outfit a little instead off just plain old black jeans. It’s basically ‘jeans and a nice top’ but the other way round ‘top and a nice pant’?? Anyways, they are slim fit around the waist and have a white waistband which matches the white in the Nike logo and stipes along the legs.

As they were red, a bright, ruby color, they already stood out and didn’t necessarily need more colors to make it more original. I chose to pair them with a fitted, long sleeved black top with my Kappa bumbag across my chest. This did create a more sporty look effect but I felt that this was the best way to accessorize. I also wore my Nike Air Force’s making the look appear not dressy at all and more chilled for an everyday whatever-you’re-doing look.

Next we have these vivid pink track pants that you could probably spot if you were on a plane flying past me. They were bright. They’re pretty 90’s style and that’s what I like about them. They were wide leg which I normally never went for but since I’ve been wearing them more and more I’m starting to see them as a unique fashion statement instead of more not trending, so if I like them I’ll buy them.

Underneath my denim jacket, I wore a cropped, fitted, navy summer top which went really well with the pants. I went for something a plain color so the attention remained on the pants. I live in the UK so of course I couldn’t go out without a jacket. I wore a fitted (kids size) denim jacket which came just above my waist showing off all aspects of the pants which I wanted it too. Since they were long and wide legged pants, I decided to wear shoes that had a little bit of a platform so I settled on my Fila Distruptors as always.

Lastly, this ones obviously the most ‘out there’ outfit, we have this color block tracksuit from Crooked Tongues. Now this is a brand I’ve only just discovered on Asos but if you’re anything like me and LOVE streetwear I would definitely suggest you check them out.

This outfit was my example of ‘fixed cuffs’ tracksuit pants, which I feel a lot of us prefer. This fit was very loose, and I would recommend going a size down in the jacket. I have a size S but I could wear it as a dress if I wanted too. I love the contrasting colors in this outfit and the funnel neck on the jacket. The jacket and tracksuit pants obviously go perfectly together as they’re a set, but even wearing these pants with a tight fitted top still looks good and attracts attention to the pants instead of the whole outfit like here.

That’s the end of my tracksuit pants styling post, I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on styling tracksuit pants or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

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