I’m not a person who wears makeup every single day of the week but I always have those days where I’d rather spend 10 more minutes in bed than do my makeup, then regret it later on in the day. So, for those types of emergencies I normally always carry an ‘on the go makeup bag’ in my backpack with me for the majority of places I go. Okay, so I know we all switch the products we carry out with us possibly up on a daily so the products included in this aren’t exactly 100% accurate but you get the gist of the items I consider lifesavers.

This post doesn’t even specifically relate to those days where you leave the house without any makeup on, but it can also be my touch-up product bag. It includes products such as lipstick and concealer which realistically we all know doesn’t last the whole day. This post gives a glance of what type of products go everywhere with me, so enough explaining lets get straight into it. 

Lip Balm 

I don’t necessarily have a favorite lip balm as I honestly feel like the majority of them just work the same, so there’s never one that I go out of my way to use or pack, I just grab the first one I see and hope it does the job. The one I had with me today was The Body Shop ‘Glazed Apple’ Lip balm that smells amazing! This is my favorite scent from The Body Shop but unfortunately it only comes out at Christmas 😦 But if amazingly it ever comes out to be sold all year round then you have to smell the scent it’s heavenly!! Anyways moisturizing your lips throughout the day especially this time of year is essential and we all know that the chapped lip is not a good feeling, therefore a lip balm is on me at all times.


Realistically a normal lipstick doesn’t last over an hour when if your like me drink every 5 minutes, so I always bring with me the lipstick I am wearing that day for top-ups throughout the day. For this post I decided to include one that I’ve been loving recently which is the Ofyza Beauty Lipstick in the shade ‘Arwa’ which is a very nude nude but really suits an everyday makeup look.


Normally, this is the concealer I always keep in my on the go makeup bag and I have a separate one in my makeup drawer, because I like it that much. It’s the L.A Girl Pro concealer which I feel is so underrated. It’s SO affordable and works the same as a lot of my high end ones. I bring it out with me in case of a spot emergency or if I left the house with no makeup but then in the middle of the day decide to apply some (which weirdly happens quite a lot).


Okay so this is only if I’m even wearing eyeliner that day I’ll pack it to occasionally top it up throughout the day. But eyeliner is not something I wear a lot and I haven’t yet mastered the skill of doing it in a short amount of time when you’re rushing before college in the morning so I haven’t experimented with a ton of different ones. Nevertheless I do still love the look it brings and I do enjoy wearing it but sometimes it either smudges or starts to fade so just to be sure I bring one with me.


I normally only pack a travel sized mascara as admittedly it isn’t something that I often re-apply whilst I’m out. I do feel like if you go out with makeup on the other hand, mascara can instantly make you feel better and look like you’ve made a slight more effort than just waking up (we all get like this some days it’s normally (I think)). Just because of the effect I feel mascara brings is the reason it’s always in my bag.

Blending Brush 

In case of a patchy,blotchy,not a good look emergency. Who knows, you could have a breakdown out of the blue and start crying (pretty popular in high school), Mars could come scarily close to earth making temperatures rise to over 100 degrees (which I’m sure us Brits wouldn’t complain about), or a water gun fight breaks out in the middle of a lecture, all in which resulting in your makeup becoming patchy, blotchy or even melting off your face, so my tip is to ALWAYS pack a brush :). Mines tiny but works like a dream. It’s one of those ones you get when you buy a blush or the Hoola bronzer from Benefit, but from the travel size editions which is more efficient. Brushes and sponges ALWAYS are necessary and it is important that you pack one in case of an emergency like the examples above.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.




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