After promising to do a styling Ivy Park clothing post sometime last year, I am finally getting round to doing it. Finally! Recently I’ve noticed that Ivy Park have been coming out with more unique designs that appear more high fashion than something straight out of JD.Also more and more shops are starting to sell it such as Zalando and Next. It’s always been a brand that I’ve look at as sportswear no different to Adidas basics, but this season it is obvious they are stepping up their game.

I used some basic pieces in these looks such as the black joggers but styled them to create something a bit different. I tried to experiment a little with this brand and not choose something you are likely to see another person wearing on the street. They have some cute lil pieces that I might have to do a part 2 in the future. I styled 3 different outfits and I like every individual one. They’re all pretty streetwear and casual which I like, but at the same time they look high fashion – think Stella Mccartney x Adidas. Classy but sporty.

I would definitely recommend checking out Ivy Park’s new launches on websites such as Zalando as they have the more unusual stuff (a tad more pricey but it’s not likely you’re going to see someone else in it). I’m always that person who would rather pay more for clothing that I don’t think a lot of people will have, not that these pieces are crazy expensive or anything close to high fashion brands themselves like Fendi or Victoria Beckham, they’re starting to become a more Tommy Hilfiger/Fenty price range,which arguably one is essentially my preferred prices.

Link to buy: Ivy Park Light Blue Mesh Logo Tee

Ivy Park Lounge Jogger

Starting with my favorite for an everyday purpose look. The top was a long oversized mesh blue top that had ‘Ivy Park’ in bold white letters written over it. I tucked the front half in and left the back half out which I really liked the look of. I got a size XXS and it was still super oversized so I would recommend before buying anything from there to definitely check sizing!! Nevertheless it makes a really good statement piece especially since I paired it with cream colored joggers, and doesn’t look too much like you’re going to a basketball game.

Sometimes I also wear this shirt with cycling shorts instead and it still looks really great, I wore Nike Air Force’s with the same colored tick as the top and I looked so coordinated! But the Ivy Park pants I did pair them with were these cream lounge joggers. Now, I live in joggers and when I say live I mean LIVE. For college everyday so I’m always comfy (seriously I don’t think I’ve ever worn jeans except for the occasional time), to chill in at home (of course) and to work out in, so when I say I’ve experimented with different types of joggers in my lifetime, I have in fact experimented with different joggers in my lifetime and these come close to the top on the comfiest meter. The blue actually went really well with the cream as they are both very light colors, otherwise wearing a top too dark can wash out the attention on the pants and not create a look that makes you focus on every aspect.

Link to buy: Ivy Park Red Craft Hoodie

Ivy Park Slim Logo Jogger

I feel like everybody has these pants – okay don’t hate me. How can you be a fashion icon wearing something everyone has?? HEAR ME OUT everybody owns a basic pair of blue jeans right? They’re practically essential. Think of the biggest fashion icon you know. I hope you’re thinking of Rihanna so let’s go with her. Rihanna wears blue jeans once in a while right? Maybe they’re more Alexander Wang than Topshop but this is basically the same thing and you can see where I’m getting at right? A lot of people might have these exact same pants but not everybody styles them the same.

I styled them with this red Ivy Park cropped hoodie, which was cool af. It had bold black stitching across it and it was cut out near the elbows also on the front to show off a tiny bit of your belly. I loved it. It’s so unusual and even though I paired it with some of the most basic pants it makes it look like you’ve never seen the whole outfit anywhere before. The black stitching in the hoodie went perfectly with the black of the joggers and overall I love the sporty/(arguably) high fashion look it brings. I also paired them with the compfyest shoes known to man kind – Jordans to complete that same sporty effect.

Link to buy: Black Distressed Mesh Sleeve Hoodie

My final, sassiest, classiest look. The black, the boujee, the oversized jumper. The Ivy Park Mesh Sleeve Hoodie Dress. As it is a one piece it was so easy to style with accessories. I whipped my boujee black sunglasses out, wore Khloe Kardashian type hoops and tied my hair in a baby pink scrunchie. Uhh Vogue where you at?  I managed to pull of an all black look without looking like a goth and instead looking like I’m about to go shopping with the cast of The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills.

This is what £80 can do to you people!! Oversized hoodies are a crucial part of your wardrobe and everybody must have one!! (okay I’m getting a little bit TO into this now). No but seriously, it’s an easy piece to style, you don’t have to worry about styling pants with it as it’s the norm nowadays to just wear cycling shorts, you can just throw it on and leave the house without thinking about it.

That’s the end of my Ivy Park styling post and ranting about oversized hoodies (Thank God) I hope you all enjoyed and thank you for reading. If anyone has anymore tips on styling Ivy Park items or you want to recommend more pieces please be sure to let me know in the comments. Or if you have any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

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