Hey guys, welcome back to another beauty post on my blog. Today I’m going to be sharing 3 different, crazy, weird eye makeup looks all using 1 palette, 1 lipstick and a few diamante’s. I had so much fun creating these looks and for someone who doesn’t spend that much time doing makeup I think I did pretty well. The palette I used was the ‘V2′ eyeshadow palette from Lick and Lash Beauty which was gifted to me by my beautiful cousin who is a makeup artist so of course she knew the best products to buy as this palette is honestly amazing (Follow her makeup account on Instagram @makeupwithc0urt). I feel as though I’m always talking so highly of products on my blog but that’s just because I only really use the items that I like and brands that I trust. But for real I have came across a lot of products in the past that are worse than fishnet tights and that’s saying something.

The lipstick I used was in the shade ’01 Red Nose Red’ by Rimmel London which is THE reddest lipstick I have ever used. You’re probably thinking where lipstick comes into this eye look. Well, I actually used this lipstick in every single one of these eye looks (see I told you it was weird) to achieve that perfect glossy red shade.

BTW I did watch a Pinterest video on using lipstick on your eyes I haven’t just gone completely mad!

Look #1 – Diamante brow & Orange lid 

Picking favorites, this is the look I most enjoyed. I literally look like something from Guardians of the Galaxy and I love it. The diamante’s to the vivid orange lids to the dramatic lashes, I mean seriously is Stan Lee still taking in applications?? I finished the look off with cute faux freckles too so I really don’t think I could’ve made it anymore extra.

I started firstly on the eyes. For a transition shade I used a dark orange to create the shape of the look I wanted. I use tape and keep it on until I’m done and always feel this way’s easier as it won’t get all messy. After creating the shape with the transition shade I went in with a vivid orange and blended it all over my lid to my crease. Now, these shades from this palette are very buildable so I had to use a few layers to get it to the brightness I wanted , they’re not the most pigmented eye shadows but for a dramatic look like this, sometimes that’s what I prefer in case I go wrong and can’t wipe it all away.

Then with a lipstick brush (no there’s not a Morphe brush that’s specified for applying lipstick to your eyes….yet) I rubbed the lipstick onto it and then applied it all along my crease in one big semi circle. I love the look of orange and red together even in fashion. I just think they’re such similar colors but yet each one stands out when they’re together.

Lastly we have the diamante’s! I brought these for so very cheap from a local craft shop and they were even sticky enough that I didn’t have to apply any glue. I grabbed my tweezers and began applying them to my eyebrows. I did my inner corners also to complete the look and as this was my first time doing it I was so scared of getting them in my eyes maybe next I won’t apply them this close – although you guys know how much I love experimenting.

Look #2 – Stage Makeup 

This look didn’t even require any eye shadow at all it was just all lipstick! I used my lip brush again, applied the vivid red lipstick to it and then drew the outline of the design. I wish I had tips on how to do this but I literally just did it free hand. After drawing the outline, I went and colored the whole thing in, which I did around 3 times to get the color to really pop. On my other eye, I just used the lipstick as a simple eyeliner without the wing which I surprisingly really liked the look off. I actually reckon some days when I want to spice my look up a little I might apply some red eyeliner because I think the little pop of color looks really effective.

Look #3 Devil’s tail 

This is probably the least crazy look out of the lot but that’s not saying it’s not still crazy. It kinda gives me Disney villain vibes and reminds me weirdly of Maleficent (which is my favorite Disney Villain BTW). Anyways on to the look, I got my tape out again and then with a light shade created the shape of the eye makeup I wanted. For the crease and outer lid I used a really dark purple and a tiny bit of black and blended it around my eye until it was the shape and pigmentation I wanted. I then cut the crease with concealer, wet my brush and dabbed it in a sparkly pink shade which I applied all over my lid. I used eyeliner to create a really long wing and applied the most dramatic lashes I could find.

Then as you probably guessed by now, I used my lipstick brush to apply the red lipstick in a snake type pattern around my eyebrow finishing it off with the spear part. It was a really fun look to create and although it doesn’t look it, it was pretty easy! If I can do it I swear you guys can too.

I never go all out with my makeup like this but I genuinely really enjoyed creating these! I will definitely be doing more in the near future. I am also going to be doing a full review on the Lick and Lash palette I used so keep an eye out for that also!

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other palettes you would like me to write a review on or do another 3 looks using a certain palette then please leave a comment down below.

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