This will probably be my favorite beauty blog post I will ever write as I am OBSESSED with highlighter. I have been through the bad, the good, the colorful, the liquid, the powder, the life changing.. I’ve been through it all when it comes to highlight. I have a whole draw full and when I’m out and see some I like, I’ll even invest in more! I will never understand how someone can not like a bit of highlighter. I have yet to try the new body shimmers such as Fenty’s and Huda Beauty’s – they look amazing! But this post is going to be all about 5 of my favorite face highlighters that I would recommend without a doubt to anyone.

I feel like highlighter is one of those makeup items you can wear without foundation or without much makeup or even just on it’s own. I feel as though it’s a staple piece in everyone’s makeup collections and if you haven’t yet discovered the hype I can highly guarantee you will soon. In high school I would wear the brightest most stand out MUA highlighter that everyone had at the time and that’s when my obsession started. Although it wasn’t my brightest idea (haha get it) at the time I thought it was nice, and then invested into better and more subtle and essentially nicer versions until my collection grew and grew so now I feel as though I have my 5 ‘can’t live without’ must have highlighters.

Nars highlighter in the shade ‘Copacabana’

Let’s start with my first ever high end highlighter purchase. I brought one of these back when Zoella and Velvetghost were the now Jefree Star and Bretman Rock’s of Youtube. As they were both British beauty bloggers all of the items that they used were available in our country which isn’t always the case with Jefree and Bretman of course. This was a highlighter that Gabi (Velvetghost) continuously raved about. I remember going into Harvey Nicols with my mum to buy it and was super shy as people actually come up to you and help you there, unlike in drugstores like whatt..? Now almost all of my makeup is from Harvey Nicols and it is probably in my top 10 favorite stores – only thanks to them selling Fenty of course.

But anyways more about the product – a little goes a long way. It’s very buildable and can definitely make you look crazy if you put too much on. It has a really nice sparkly finish too it that isn’t too glittery but isn’t too subtle – it’s just perfect. I like to layer it with a powder highlight but of course it still looks amazing on its own! It stays on throughout the day without going patchy or fading. It’s a Nars product so obviously it’s a tad pricey but in my humble opinion I’ve never tried anything like it from the high street so I would definitely suggest investing into it.

Benefit High Beam 

This shade is pretty similar to the Nars highlighter, and when I just now swatched them next to each other the only real difference is it’s a tiny bit brighter. Now I love the applicator for the product, it’s literally identical to a nail varnish. I love it but the only negative I have is that it’s pretty hard to blend. It’s one of those products you have to get to know and once you’ve mastered it it works like a dream. I’ve noticed while using this that you have to use as little of the product as possible because once again – a little goes a long way. I LOVE the look of this highlight on my cupids bow but if you’re looking for one that gives your nose that goddess glow from the heavens then sis, this ain’t it. As much as I love it for the general highlight areas, it tends to crack a little in oily areas and it is not a good look. It’s still amazing everywhere else but if you have oily skin maybe this isn’t the best one for you.

The Estée Edit Flash Illuminator in the shade ‘Morning Light’

This is the highlighter I use on a daily. It gives me all kinds of glowing Goddess vibes. It’s a slightly darker shade than the previous two but it’s still as stunning. This one’s probably the most subtle out of the lot but on an everyday basis this is the kind of highlight I like. It’s good for applying everywhere, it blends well, looks good, doesn’t crack. It is probably the best highlighter I’ve ever tried.

This product actually looks really good if you’re going for that sunkissed makeup look. Since it’s more of a darker highlight it compliments bronzer really nicely. I feel as though you are 100% getting your money’s worth with this product as the amount you get and the luxurious quality!

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream

Finally a drugstore product! I know it’s annoying reading posts where 90% of the products used are high end and expensive but this post is all about MY personal favorite 5 highlighters and if I find a high end one better than a drug store one I think we both can guess which one I will be going to recommend. Also I never want to include any products I don’t love and talk really highly of something I don’t like as much just because it’s more affordable! I would not recommend you guys stuff you’d be wasting your money on and sometimes that even includes high end products that I maybe don’t think perform as well as they should be.

Nevertheless this Barry M strobe highlighter has a formula as good as most high end strobe creams if not better. It’s a very subtle golden shade that looks very glam on. Since it’s on a stick its so easy to apply the perfect amount on to your face and then I blend it in with a blending sponge. It again had that stand out effect but not sparkly or OTT at all. It’s perfect for an everyday wear and super affordable too. If you’re just starting to get into highlighters, this is the perfect one to begin with as not all of them are as easy to work with as this one.



MAC Skin Finish Highlighter in the shade ‘Lightscapade’ 

This powdered highlight was a BIG step up from my previous MUA one that I would always wear and look like a disco ball has just threw up on me (not a good look BTW) and I finally found a NICE powdered highlight that I am currently obsessed with. I love applying this highlight over other liquid ones for a more powdery finish instead of glossy. I wouldn’t recommend to use this highlighter on it’s own like I mentioned in the introduction as it’s one of those that need a base.

It gives your skin a flawless finish and creates an effective sun kissed effect look that I know a lot of us aim for.


Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

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