Hey guys, welcome to my first ever in depth eyeshadow palette review. This is the V2 ‘Wildfire Palette’ by Lick and Lash beauty which I was kindly gifted from my cousin for Christmas. I’ve previously done a 3 RED EYE MAKEUP LOOK post using this palette, so go check that blog post out if you’re interested in what types of looks I created using this. Anyways, this is my in full depth review on the palette so if you’re wondering if it’s really worth your pennies, then keep on reading…


I’ve had this palette since Christmas and have experimented with it hugely in the past 5 months. It includes 35 different shades. All similar reds and oranges and very true to its title ‘Wildfire’. This palette is commonly used by makeup artists for glam/party looks that include warm toned colors and a smoky look. Whereas I used it for crazy, exaggerated OTT looks that are nothing like something you’d wear to a party (maybe if it was fancy dress though)!


The palette retails for £15.99 and I have to say for a palette of 35 colors that is pretty amazing. I feel as though it’s not going to be long until this brand really sets off and becomes popular in not only Britain but worldwide. It’s very affordable and a very good alternative for high end brands.


Now, the real deal. Of course the first thing we look at when we’re investing into a new eyeshadow palette is the pigmentation. I LOVE pigmented eyeshadows, but of course like Violet Voss’s Holy Grail eyeshadow palette or Urban Decay’s On The Run palette, a lot of pigmentation unfortunately also comes with a lot of fall out. Whereas with this palette I didn’t really find this happening at all.

It didn’t have the most pigmented eyeshadows and the swatches you see in the images are probably a build up of 3/4 times I applied that single shadow. Nevertheless I know A TON of makeup artists that use this and they’re the professionals in this industry so of course they know. Sometimes pigmentation isn’t everything and creating a glam/party look can be done with eyeshadows that are more buildable to get the look you’re aiming for and not go straight in with a sharp pigmented color that there’s no turning back from.

If you’re looking for a palette to kick start your creative side in the beauty industry and want to get to experiment with different looks, then as a start I would recommend looking into this brand because of their affordability. The shades can be very buildable and when you’re starting out, this is a great aspect to experiment with.


(1st Row)                                        (2nd Row)

(3rd Row)                      (4th Row)                      (5th Row)



I’m literally the world’s worst eyeshadow blender but when it comes to shadows I’ve gotten a little used to I start to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Since all the colors are similar and ‘wildfire’ inspired they are all colors that match perfectly together to create the most extraordinary warm toned looks. They all blend easily and well together making it the most efficient way to create the perfect eye look you’re after.

The colors 

My personal favorite has to be the silver shimmer on the top row for the inner corners of my eyes. The colors in this palette range from shimmer neutrals such as silvers, pinks and golds to neon’s such as orange and reds to normal neutrals which ranges from burgandys to browns, blacks and back to warm oranges. This palette literally includes every color that comes to mind under the title of ‘wildfire’ and I love how much the brand have stayed true to this title.


Would I recommend you guys this palette? In my opinion, I rate it a solid 7/10. It has very buildable shades which can come really in handy when creating extravagant looks. It has so many colors for such an affordable price which you can really experiment with and create endless amount of looks. All the shades blend okay together and there’s hardly any fall out. I will leave the decision in your hands but just in case, Here’s the link to buy: Lick and Lash Beauty Wildfire Palette

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

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