Hey guys, I’m finally doing another Fashion post after what feels like soo long. Today I decided to do something slightly different and create outfits using only one color. I chose the color lilac as it’s a color I feel isn’t as popular as it should be as people aren’t too sure how to style it and what to wear it with. Lilac isn’t a color I would normally head for on the shop rails but after creating these looks I have once again came to the realization that you can really style anything no matter the color.

These looks were so fun to create and I will definitely be doing more challenges like this in the future, so any recommendations you have be sure to let me know in the comments.

So, let’s get started. Firstly, I chose a dress to style. I wanted to create a variety of outfits that relate to different styles as I know not everyone loves to lounge around in joggers and I know not everyone likes to wear a dress, but I feel as though I picked 3 good variety outfit choices and if one isn’t your style then hopefully the other is.

This dress was from Pretty Little Thing so the quality wasn’t the best but on the terms of how it looks I approved. Although it KEPT falling down. It has a big V neck slit and only thin straps so it’s probably best to not wear a bra like I did otherwise it would be on show. It had that creased look to it which I personally like and had ruffles flowing the whole way down the legs. It had a slit for one leg to be shown which was a nice feature and although the material was very thin and lilac is a light color, it surprisingly wasn’t see through at all.

It wasn’t a fitted dress so it didn’t cling on tight around the waist which I personally prefer dresses to do, so I tied a slightly darker lilac jumper around my waist like we used to with our jumpers in school. It created that snatched look and tied everything together perfectly to how I like it. Of course this was just an element that I preferred and you can style it to however suits you but because the dress wasn’t the best quality or shape it’s important to accessories it to your standards.

Link to buy:  Petite Lilac Satin Maxi Dress

Lilac Contrast Stitch Long Sleeve T Shirt

This next outfit really gives me festival vibes and since festival season is coming up this is a great way to style your whole one color outfit that is appropriate for dancing in a field all day. These front zip cargo type tops are on almost every runway right now. They give tom-boy meets high fashion vibes and when you’re going to a festival it’s probably best to go for the brightest color you can find, and although this light lilac color isn’t that bright the skirt definitely does the job and overall it’s perfect festival wear.

There’s 3 tones of purple in this look and they all contrast SO WELL. The skirt was pretty short but not too short to the point it would raise every time I threw my hands up. It was high waisted too which I thought went perfectly with this crop top and you won’t constantly be worrying about pulling your bottoms up every 5 minutes. If you’re interested more in Festival wear I have a whole page about it on my blog and there will for sure be more posts coming in the future as I am attending a few throughout the summer.

Link to buy: Lilac Disco Mini Skirt

Shape Lilac Zip Front Crop Top

Out of them all, I have to admit this one’s my favorite. I love how put together it is and although I said it’s all lilac themed, I just had to include my bum bag for that pop of red and I feel as thought that made a huge difference. I wore my boujee black sunglasses and a Valentino red bum bag across my chest for accessories and I really feel as thought they pulled the whole look together.

Besides these, I wore a lilac crop top underneath an oversized blazer with lilac colored joggers. It’s almost like dressed down work wear and it looks amazing! I love how the blazer contrasts with the joggers and they’re both associated with two completely different things yet they look so good together. It’s definitely a combination I will be going back to in the future and I would also recommend you guys to try it and see what you think.

Link to buy: Lilac Oversized Woven Blazer

Lilac Ruched Front Bandeau Crop Top

Lilac Basic Cuffed Hem Joggers

That comes to the end of my lilac lookbook, I always love to experiment in different ways and set different challenges in the fashion world so doing stuff like this is a post I love to do.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on styling lilac clothing or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs

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