Hey guys, today’s post is going to be a quick guide to getting that beach waved wet hair look that is very popular right now. I was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look to recreate my hair in the same style. This look can work on long, mid length or short hair and all you need are curlers and some hair mousse. If your hair’s already curly or wavy then you of course can just skip the first step but to those who have straight hair like me, let me tell you how I achieved this.

To start I sectioned off my hair and started curling from the back to the front from the very routes of my head. I didn’t spend too long on it like I usually do, I did it briefly and remembering to create the curls in different directions (curling some inwards and curling some outwards) using the Lee Stafford Arganoil Wave and Nourish Unique Grooved Wand Hair Tong. If you wanted to do this look without using heat then you can sleep in french braids the night before to wake up with your hair already lovely and curly.


Once my hair was all wavy (which took about 15-20 minutes) I found my natural parting and styled my hair to the direction I wanted it. Then finally to achieve the wet look I sectioned my hair into two and used a styling hair mousse from the brand Aussie to apply to both sides using both hands to rub it into my hair smoothly. While doing this, I scrunched my hair up in my hand multiple times so the curls would stay and also not make it look like I’ve just been caught up in a rain storm.

I briefly sprayed some water to my hair in areas I though looked too dry or in areas the mousse didn’t work as good. To get that volume we all love back, I applied some hairspray under my hair so that it lifted by the routes and looked more volumized and luxurious than drenched.

Before I end this post, I just wanted to say that this hairstyle was not easy to brush out so I would recommend washing it that night or not planning on it staying this nice the next day because it is likely going to be an absolute nightmare to brush in the morning. Nevertheless if you liked this post and want me to write more stuff like this in the future please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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