One of my favorite things about going on holiday is the huge packing session you have a few nights before. Or if you’re like me – the night before. I always switch up the products I wear especially when I’m going abroad and I normally always go for the no makeup makeup look which doesn’t consist of too many products. I also try to find my favorite products but in miniature forms so everything will fit contently into my makeup bag without me needing to find a bigger size.

I carried with me a Tinted Moisturizer, 2 eyebrow products, 2 types of bronzers, a blusher, a highlighter, a mascara, a lipgloss and of course a setting spray. I found myself using every single product on a daily and not have that heavy foundation feeling you sometimes get when you’re not used to the heat.


Here’s all the products lined up for what I use. I tend to always take products on holiday with me that I’ve had experience with so I don’t regret bringing the wrong thing when I get there. Only 3 of the products are travel sized but there was still room for everything in my cute little travel makeup bag.

Before I applied my makeup every morning I would do my travel skincare routine which I have posted on my blog Link to read and to take it off at night I do the exact same.

So to start off with brows, I packed my trustworthy favorite Glossier brow gel which gives a natural tinted look to your brows that doesn’t look like you’ve just drew them on and colored them in. I use the Glossier brow gel where my eyebrows start and the Benefit Ka-Brow cream gel on the ends. This is my normal routine when I’m at home and as my eyebrows are already thick and dark there isn’t really too much I need to do to them for them to look OTT so I try my best to keep it minimal.

Because on holiday I begin to tan I never normally take an actual foundation I just bring a tinted moisturizer. I squirt a few drips of The Estee Edit Flash Illuminator onto a blending sponge, blend it thoroughly into the places on my face where I want it and then using the No 7 Tinted Moisturizer I blend everything together properly which leaves me with a nice sunkissed, glowing effect.

I also bring the Laritzy contour stick and Benefit Hoola bronzer which I thing are the nicest bronzing duo and look very nice and professional together. I feel as though having a cream contour as a base for your actual bronzer makes the whole look appear more golden than just having a tanned face which is what I like about it. It of course creates more depth in your cheek bones but besides from that I love it to include it to add more color to my skin.

Talking about adding color, I packed my Benefit Dandelion blush which is the prettiest baby pink blush I’ve ever tried and I’m always using it for glowy makeup looks at home so why not try it in the heat too? It looked amazing!

I feel like no matter where you go a setting spray is essential. I took this travel sized Nyx matte finish spray and it made my makeup last the whole day and that is increadible due to the face it was almost 30 degrees and I’m not at all used to the heat. For lip gloss, this Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer is a perfect nude shade and glossy formula for the summer time that I always find myself reaching for.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to check out or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

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