Hey guys welcome back to my blog. This week I’ve been slightly more creative and not only done a blog post on these looks I’m about to get into but also created a short film on my Youtube channel which if you’re interested you can click here to watch: Fire Lookbook  . I really enjoyed creating this content and feel as though it is a big step for developing my fashion content and not only on my blog.

Besides the video, in this blog post today I am going to be showing you guys as the title says a literal fire lookbook all from a collection from Jaded London. I’ve previously done a post using all Jaded London items and I fell in love with how unusual their designs are and although they are slightly pricey, they really aren’t something you’re going to see somewhere else.

I chose 5 different looks and honestly I cannot even begin to pick a favorite. They’re all cool and crazy in their own way and I love every single one of them. With that said, let me begin to talk you through each one..

Link to buy: Neon Flame Print Oversized Sweatshirt

So beginning with this fire crew neck sweatshirt which I absolutely adore, it was a great staple piece to spice up any plain outfit. If you know me then you wouldn’t be surprised that I chose to pair it with some black cycling shorts. Since the sweatshirt is oversized and colorful pairing it with some tight pants that are plain is crucial unless of course you’re going for some Gaga look. I understand that shorts in our weather is not exactly appropriate and once again I’m sat here with a cold writing this, but if I were in a hot country right now or if the UK magically gets over 20°C weather than I am for sure wearing this outfit all the time.

The sweatshirt itself is very, very cool. I’ve never seen anything like it. It reminds me of something you’d see an anime character wearing, in fact all of these outfits do. I loved the two tone shades of purple that morph into each other to create the effect of the flames and how all the colors contrast nicely against the black material. The material did feel expensive and not at all poor quality and you are definitely getting what you pay for. This is such a cool design and very my style, it’s a unique piece in my wardrobe and definitely something I’m going to be reaching for often.

In the least over dramatically way possible I truly believe that this sweatshirt was sent down from Heaven for me to live in.

Link to buy: Dragon Flame Print Extreme Cup Detail Beach Dress

Next is this fire, flame, gorgeous, stunning, fitted dress that is very Harry Potter meets Eragon which I am all here for. This print, this fit, this design, this everything, I cannot even begin to explain how under rated this brand is for their work. I got this dress in a size S and it fits like a glove! I hardly ever wear dresses but when I do I prefer them to be fitted and ‘out there’ so for me, this is probably one of the best dresses I’ve ever worn.

I was so close to wearing this dress to a festival until I thought better of it last minute. This is a random fact but when I was taking these pictures I was running along the prom to different areas and each time the dress rose and rose and I continuously kept having to pull it back down. Although it’s great for an event or an evening out or even a party, wearing it to somewhere I’m going to be jumping up and down all day and night is a little bit risky if you ask me.

Link to buy: Flame Print Chiffon Beach Shirt

Flame Print Chiffon Beach Trousers

Red Flame Print Square Neck Swimsuit

Okay you’re probably wondering wtf persuaded me into buying what looks like oversized silk pajamas that would only appeal to someone as crazy as Katy Perry, I have to say from the moment I saw them on their website I knew that I could do something with them. This is the ultimate ‘I did not come into this industry to play’ outfit, the ‘head turner’, the ‘Yes I’m really out in town looking like I’ve just stepped out of a hype beast catalogue and no I’m not famous but yes you can take a picture of me for the gram’ look. I know I said at the beginning I couldn’t pick a favorite but my God this one wins.

If you didn’t think the look could get anymore crazy, well I was also wearing a swimming costume underneath this….yup you read that right. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time I’ve incorporated swimming costumes into my everyday looks… crazy right. Although you can’t see it in these images, I’m going to have to include another plug to my new Youtube video which shows every one of these looks off from head to toe: Fire Lookbook


Link to buy: Flame Print Cut Out High Neck Dress

Next we have this very traditional style Chinese dress with flames trailing across everywhere. It was a very cool dress, with a very cool style. Unlike the other fitted mini dress, this one doesn’t rise that much so is probably more suitable for a concert or festival than the other. I keep mentioning this because these dresses literally look like they belong in Glastonbury and if you’re wearing it to go out shopping you will more than likely look like you’re having an Enchanted moment when Princess Giselle shows up in the busy city in a ball gown..

Besides this it was a very nice dress, the top button was slightly stiff to do up but everything looked very modern and unique. Finding a dress with a unique style with a unique pattern is something Jaded London have a lot of and I am sooo glad that I found out about their website as now they are one of my favorite high street brands.


Link to buy: Half Flame Half Anime Shirt

Another cute shirt is this half flame half anime one that I am in love with. It’s oversized and colorful and not like anything else already in my wardrobe. The flame side remind me of something I used to watch growing up but I can’t put my finger to it. The whole shirt is almost like something a kid would wear, it has cartoons on it, its bright, and it is very fashionable right now. I hardly every wear shirts, but this one was just a must have! I paired it with white cargo pants and a black swimming costume (if I had a black bodysuit it would’ve been that) and it all went perfectly together.

I wanted the shirt to stand out the most, therefore I kept the colors for the rest of the outfit minimal. Everything really contrasted nicely together and I really can’t wait to style it further in the future.

I have to say, the fire/flames looks in fashion have got to be some of my favorites. While I’ve included a whopping 5 different outfits here all from the same brand, Jaded London have many, many more looks on their website all with flames included in the design. This is definitely by far one of my favorite posts I’ve created and probably the one I’ve worked hard most on.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on where to buy flame clothing or style them, or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

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