Hey guys, lately I’ve been loving writing these types of beauty posts, so to continue the cycle here’s what products I use when I’m either in a rush or want to keep my makeup look minimal. This post isn’t a ‘no makeup makeup look’ it’s a look you can literally achieve in less than 10 minutes and not go through that much effort in creating but it also looks like you’ve made enough effort to still look good.

If I ever wake up late or want to look nice but can’t be bothered to make that much of an effort, this is the look I always go to for those types of days. Unfortunately 4/5 of these products are high end but these are my most trust worthy makeup items and I know they always do the job right.

I start always with my brows. I use the Benefit Ka-Brow in the shade 4 on the tail ends of each brow to fill them in and create a full bushy effect which I always love. For the inner parts of my brows I used the Glossier Boy Brow in the shade ‘Brown’ to fill my whole brows in and give them a more natural look than just drawn straight on.

I actually skip foundation and concealer and go straight in with my Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I define my cheekbones and slightly contour my forehead with this to create color in my face. Since I have no base for my makeup on it is important that I blend my bronzer really good otherwise it can go patchy over time and in general would’ve looked better if I just didn’t bother.

I included a few faux freckles using the same Benefit Ka-Brow gel and scattered them across my nose area to create a natural look.

I used the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner to create a cat eye which is pretty dramatic but I had a natural look so it didn’t appear over the top and unsuitable for college. I actually didn’t use mascara because I feel like it can be a bit heavy on your eyes sometimes and when you just want to throw some makeup on and leave, mascara isn’t always necessary.

Lastly is lips and I bet you’ve already guessed what I’m wearing. Yup the one and only Fenty Gloss Bomb. It is my favorite lip gloss right now and you can make it look extra and poppin or casual but glowy like I did in this look. It’s a nude color and moisturizing af and makes your lips look more plumped effortlessly.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to check out or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

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