Something a little different on my blog today but I thought was still pretty interesting to read about because I know a lot of us are intrigued to what these Instagramable tea’s really taste like. It’s kind of a random post and not fashion or beauty related, I know, I know but there’s a lot more of that content on the way soon I promise.

Anyways, I recently placed an order from Missguided for my Parklife outfit (YAY!) and these 3 little ‘OffBlak’ tea samples came free with it. Now I’m one of those people who love tea and will literally go through about 5 cups a day but actually going out and ordering all these different fancy flavors actually never even crossed my mind. Of course when I’ve been out for dinner I’ve noticed a whole section of different types of teas but I was never really that interested in ordering one.

When I did open my package I did for a second have an ‘I am confusion’ moment, I mean since when was tea sold in a leaflet kind of form? How cute is the packaging though!! It was such a cute little sample piece and an amazing way to get people wanting to try it!

The inside of the leaflet gave an insight to what the company is about. It’s ‘A New Generation of Tea for a New Generation of You’ or so it says. If you think the presentation to this is cute just wait until you see the packaging for the actual teas! Just by looking at them you can tell that this company is one of those ones that are very active on social media. They have the picture perfect packaging and even their own hashtag (#offblak).


So do they really taste as good as they look? I’ll give a rough guide of what each one tastes like but let’s just say I prefer my loving Yorkshire tea.


Jasmine & Orange

This was probably the sweetest one out of the three and it was refreshing (probably the jasmine) and in a weird way it also tasted detoxing. I feel like the best way for me to describe it is probably Paracetamol made into a drink mixed with a tiny bit of orange flavored honey. Overall I probably would drink it again but maybe if it was accidentally ordered and then free from the bill.

Blueberry & Mint 

Out of the three this was probably my favorite and most like my normal tea. The blueberry was very obvious due to the scent but it was still the most normal tasting. It was again sweet and I would probably describe it as if Soothers got made into a tea. Now I personally love Soothers but I mean… whatever floats your boat.

Spicy Orange & Ginger 

This was probably the most awful out of the lot. You could definitely taste the ginger, and I’m not the biggest fan of ginger. Saying that, it was actually weirdly calming and I’ve never felt that way about a tea before. The only thing is it didn’t taste that nice and you’d have to physically pay me to drink it again.


I love doing different types of blog posts like this and even though this isn’t fashion and beauty related I also liked creating it and I’m going to be keeping an eye out for similar things to make content on in the future.

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to check out or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

Link to OffBlak: Offblak.com

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