This is probably one of the weirdest face masks I have ever worn and possibly will ever try. I feel like I’ve seen this mask going around everywhere and for some reason I never picked it up and I was SOOO happy to find it in one of my Glossybox’s. I opened it last week, tested it last night and reviewing it today. Is it really worth the hype? Keep reading to find out.

If you’re like me, you always get drawn to a certain product because of its packaging and hype.  A great example of this is the new MAC X Aladdin collection which has the prettiest packaging but we all know the colors in the eye shadow palette are ones we already own but the packaging… yeah we don’t have those eyeshadows with a boujee box wrapped around them so I guess we’ll have to add it to the cart.

Yeah well, this is not the same. It has cool packaging, yes, but the formula is like something I’ve never tried before. The weird, bright, milkshake looking packaging is just a big added bonus.

So, included in this package are 2 types of masks, a spatula and instructions. Each of the packets come with a number, so 01 and 02 need to be mixed together to create the mask itself, and that’s what the cylinder shaped packaging’s for. You empty the cylinder, then place step 1 then step 2 in, put the purple lid back on tightly then shake for around 4 minutes.

Once everything’s mixed, using the spatula you place the mask over your entire face within 2-3 minutes. After around 15-20 minutes you can peel the mask off starting at the edges and it literally has transformed from a liquidy formula to an egg white texture.

After I took it off, I did as always after using a face mask felt fresh and hydrated. The whole purpose of it is that its to give a firming boost which I definitely felt. It is supposed to strengthen skin for a younger appearance but from the fact that I’m only 17, it’s kinda hard to judge it on that basis. But, to be fair my skin appeared a lot smoother after I took it off and it had a structured, clear look to it.

Dr. Jart has a hugeee collection of face masks that are very popular in Korea but unfortunately not as popular over here as one of the only shops that sell it is Selfridges. It’s sold for £8 which is one of the cheapest masks he creates and to be fair if I see this when I’m out shopping I am very likely to buy it again.

It was fun and easy to do and it delivered what it promised as a result, what more could you want from a face mask?


Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to check out or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

Link to buy: Dr Jart Shake & Shot Mask

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