Carrying on with the book series, today is going to be all about enjoyable books to read over the summer. I feel that during summer everybody prefers a nice comedy or a romance to read while they’re on the beach somewhere, just enjoying the sun from home, or to get themselves in the summer mood. Either way, I’m here to give a guide to my top 5 rom-com books that I think would make great reads for this upcoming summer.


Meet Me in Manhattan by Claudia Carroll

Okay let’s start with my favorite. This story’s about an Irish journalist Holly Johnson who finds love online with someone from New York. When she flies to New York to surprise him she finds out that that he is not at all who he says he is (should’ve called Nev and Max haha). But being the aspiring journalist she is, searching for her big break, this could be that holy grail story. All this changes when she starts to fall for someone else whilst she’s there. Should she really sell her story? Should she remain humble to who she’s fell for? What she thought she was going to New York for changes hugely and it is a magnificent read.

I read this almost 2 years ago and I remember it all, and that’s definitely saying something.. It’s such an enjoyable read and had the most romantic ending even if it is the tiniest bit expected. It’s literally the perfect example of the saying ‘when one door closes, another one opens’ because although Holly gets hugely disappointed after finding out the guy she thought she loved wasn’t as she expected, something a lot better replaced her hurt and the whole story was so thought out and amazing and I just couldn’t recommend it enough for this summer.

The main character was very likable and a lot of the things she got up to were very relatable for any type of girl so it makes the story that bit more enjoyable to read. The twist in it is just incredible and I just wish I could share it right now but I want you all to read it and find out for yourselves so I’m going to have to keep my mouth shut :/


How Not To Fall in Love Actually by Catherine Bennetto

This is another book I read forever ago and it’s still in my memory. It’s a very easy read and once you start it I can guarantee you won’t want to put it down. It’s another comedy romance and it will literally get you falling in love with each of the characters. The characters are funny and witty and you feel as though you can relate to the feelings they’re going through at certain times.

The novel’s about a young women called Emma who’s pregnant and just got fired and needs to find a way of looking after herself before any baby comes along. It’s a story that brings light to standing up for yourself and doing what’s right for you, your family and your friendships. There’s many twists and the plot is amazing. Emma finds herself with an accidental room mate and well let’s just say their relationship of just being room mates is an understatement.

There’s not that much I can say without spoiling the plot, but the ending is amazing. Once you’re at the last 100 pages I guess it’s a little expected but it really is such a cute love story as well as an enjoyable read.


Four Weddings & A Fiasco by Catherine Ferguson

Another book you will flyyy through once you start. This is a very well written story that takes place over the 4 seasons with 4 different weddings. This is the first time I’ve ever read a book by this author and hands down I am going to be buying more. It’s a very thought out plot that has amazing imagery and really engages you with the main character Katy.

Katy is a wedding photographer that gets to capture the most precious day in most couples lives all year round. She’s continuously trying to juggle her own business with her own personal life and just like a lot of people nowadays, finding it hard to manage. We see her ups and downs and her feelings towards her friends, family and her work. There’s many situations Katy finds herself in but the photographer in her always pulls her through. She knows that there’s always many angles to a situation and different perspectives to be considered before viewing the final picture. She is stuck in dilemmas with her sisters, boy trouble and it is a priority for her to look after her widowed mother.

It’s a very light hearted story which is humorous and romantic at the same time and absolutely perfect for this summer. You’ll warm instantly to the main character making you not want to book down and delay finding out what happens.


These book reviews are always posts I love to write and I hope to keep this series up each month. I have some amazing books lined up for the month of June which I can’t wait to get through and tell you guys about. If there’s any books you would like to recommend to me please let me know in the comment or if you’ve already read any of the books I’ve mentioned I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Thank you for reading.

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