Today’s going to be another all one brand styling post and this time I chose one of my favorite brands at the moment: Sisters & Seekers. This brand started off as two sisters with an online website which recently has been more branched out and available to buy from websites such as Topshop and Asos. The brand are known for their cozy, oversized designs that still include elements of luxury.

I chose to style 3 different outfits that I fell INSTANTLY in love with. They will all keep you looking good but feeling cozy on these breezy summer nights or even just to wear to chill in although they are far too nice not to be seen.

When you have a nice outfit on and feel your best, if you’re anything like me you don’t want to go home until you feel as though the whole world has seen your cool ass fit. 2 out of 3 of these outfits for me are those types of fits that I would live in if I could. Enough of me hyping them up, now it’s time for you to judge them for yourself..



Link to buy:  “Spent it” Gilet

The “Motorbike” Sweatshirt

*Drawing by the Amazing thel.usma on Instagram

The first look is by far my favorite. I paired a white oversized sweatshirt with black cycling shorts and a black gilet. The sweatshirt is made to be oversized so mine was in a size small but it was still huge. It has a vintage look to it and can be paired to make look more dressed up or dressed down as you please. It has a boxed picture of a man on a motorbike in the middle and the slogan “Only date him if he has a motorbike” underneath which is a very cute touch. Light colored sweatshirts are always easier to style because you can just throw on darker color pieces to pair with it like I did, and especially if you’re just going for the effortless cozy look it won’t take too long to decide what to pair with it.

The gilet and cycling shorts made the whole look. The shorts are from the kids sports section in Asda which are seriously just as nice as the £20 ones you can buy at Urban Outfitters. The gilet on the other hand I am obsessed with. I know they’re becoming pretty popular now with streetwear but I’ve never seen one as nice as this. Embroidered on one pocket is “No money in this pocket” and on the other is “Spent it on this jacket” which I love and is pretty accurate lol. It has the same oversized style as the sweatshirt so I again got the smallest size possible. Since the embroidery on it is in white it coordinated perfectly with the white sweatshirt but since the actually material is black it would look good with almost anything although, I would keep it too hoodies and sweatshirts as it doesn’t look quite as good with a T shirt.


Link to buy: “Teen Movie” Sweatshirt

Another look with cycling shorts.. seriously when do you ever see me in anything else? I wanted to make an example of how I would style one of their sweatshirts on it’s own and this is what I created. The sweatshirt was as you probably guessed~: oversized but this time it was brown. I literally never wear brown anything and I feel that it’s definitely more of a winter color, but styling it with jewelry (which I’ll get into in a bit) really does make it that bit different. It had another boxed print on it but this time with a load of guys just finished at the gym with the slogan “Like a 90’s teen movie” above it. Now if you know me you would know how much I love teen movies and the best ones are of course from the 90’s. Clueless, American Pie, 10 things I hate about you, seriously you can’t go wrong.

I talked about how I love when people incorporate their persona into fashion in one of my previous posts and of course that is what I had to do here. The late 90’s was one of my favorite era’s in fashion and since the sweatshirt already had a retro vibe too it, I added to that by including some statement jewelry. I wore bulky gold chains around my neck and long gold dangling earrings which definitely added a touch of the 90’s into the look. It definitely stood out against everyone else’s “modern day fashion” which is what I loved so much about it.


Link to buy: “Sport” fleece

I already know I’m going to be living in this fleece these upcoming summer nights. There’s so many ways I could have styled this fleece but of course, typical me I had to go with cycling shorts as I wanted to make the look not only appear cute but also be as comfortable as possible.

The fleece was very oversized and had white embroidery on it saying “Sport, between seasons” which kinda reminded me of something we were forced to wear during P.E. in high school but in a more fashionable way. When I wear a casual outfit like this I always find that doing something different to my hair dresses the whole look up a bit. I curled my hair with chopstick curlers, wore statement earrings and my high top vans and it was the cosiest fit to ever wear on a breezy summer evening on the beach.


Sisters & Seekers is one of my go-to shops for items of clothing for this upcoming season. They have the cosiest looking clothes with the bougiest designs and I love the vibe they give off.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on how to style oversized items, or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs

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