For my birthday I got gifted the opportunity to attend a macaron making masterclass with the Manchester business The English Rose Bakery. If you know me then you will know how much I love Macarons. I buy them everywhere, London, Paris, Liverpool, anywhere that sells them I will buy. I’ve tried many ways to make them, following recipes from Pinterest, asking my grandma who knows every recipe in the book, even following a whole macaron book but each time failed. So what better way to learn than actually attending a macaron making masterclass with one of Britain’s best macaron making businesses?

So the masterclass was based in Manchester with the founders of The English Rose Bakery, Emma and Marie. They were both extremely lovely and made you feel so welcome even if you didn’t even have a clue how to make macarons like 90% of us in the class. The class was formed of 10 different people, most people went with their friends but I went on my own but made friends instantly because everyone was so friendly and we were all in the same boat of not having a clue how to make macarons.

Now I’m not going to give you all the recipe, I’m sure it will be on Google somewhere but let me tell you they are HARD to make. No wonder I’ve failed so many times on my own. There’s so many steps you have to take and you can’t over mix or under mix because it can ruin the whole thing. There’s many ingredients and equipment you need, no wonder there’s masterclasses on making these things!!

So, we were all in a big room with classroom type tables in the middle which we mixed all our ingredients on. Marie showed everyone how to make the shells of the macarons first and what you’re doing that could lead to them going wrong. She did this at the front of the class on a table with all her equipment. Once she showed us how to make them we all had a go at it ourselves and mixed all the ingredients, added coloring and then we had the perfect mixture for our macaron shells.

We then had to use the piping bag and pour the mixture onto the tray into the shape of circled macaron shells and leave them to dry in front of fans for around 20-30 minutes. While they were drying we practiced piping the icing in the middle on macarons that had already been made, and Marie talked us through the best ways to make the different flavors.

There was only 1 oven in the room and 10 of us so as you could imagine we had a while to wait, but it never once got boring and we were always occupied with stuff to do. Once our shells came out the oven we go to add the icing to each one of them. My favorite was salted caramel but there were so many flavors to choose from.

As you can tell from the images I got to take home a lot. They all tasted amazing and I am so glad I had this experience. I can now make macaroons for each and everyone of us thanks to The English Rose Bakery! Emma and Marie were so nice and funny and overall I had an amazing time. I got to bring home 2 copies of the recipe and all the different types of flavors I could try.

I haven’t had time yet to try and make my own at home but Emma and Marie were so nice they told us if any problems occur with us making our own we can just send them an email over and they can explain to us what we’ve done wrong. Also Marie has a french accent which adds to the whole macaron making experience since well I mean they are French.

Thank you for reading and if there are any other posts you’d like me to do similar to this please let me know in the comments and also what’s your favorite macaron flavor?

Link to their official website: English Rose Bakery

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  1. moviefan607 says:

    Happy birthday to you!, and I hope you enjoyed making it, and hopefully you can use the technique of making them a lot in your future


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