Hey guys, welcome back to part 2 of my experience in the Christian Dior exhibition in the V&A in London. If you haven’t already you should check out part 1 (link: CHRISTIAN DIOR EXHIBITION V&A LONDON – PART 1 ) so we can start off on the right track. After covering 6 rooms in part 1, there are now only 5 rooms left to talk about. So to kick of this post and continue with the magical atmosphere this next room (room 7) in my opinion is the most important.

Room 7 

The designers. Most people don’t take into consideration the work of the designers. These days in the outside world the super models who walk for brands are getting more recognized than the actual designers. Hopefully if you’re into fashion you will educate yourself on who is designing the clothes you love. Where Christian Dior founded the brand and always will be the original designer, he cannot take all the credit for each catwalk. Christian Dior was the designer from 1946-1957, and since then there has been six key creative directors; Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simmons and Maria Grazia Chiuri (The current designer and also the first female designer for Dior).

This room displayed work from each designer, and how they helped shaped Dior into different types of art forms. It was the most important room as the designers should get all the credit for their work and these days aren’t notices as much. How many of you knew the designer for Dior right this second was a woman?

Room 8

When I tell you guys I was amazed walking into this room, I was amazed walking into this room. It was HUGE, it was bright, luxury, white. From first walking in I thought it was all Dior’s white dresses but in fact it’s actually all the drafts of dresses and sketches brought to life. This is the process they go through to decide what materials and colors work best. You could see the tacking with pins and the elements of applique in the materials and it took me back to when I did textiles for GCSE. I loved seeing the process and it made me appreciate all the designs even more. In this room there was also videos of how some of the products are made. Including shoes and bags and each one is made by hand which results in the exquisite price that I can’t afford but I’m not mad about.

Room 9 

The accessory room. I am one of them people who think that using the right accessories can make a Primark dress look runway ready. Seeing all the accessories from Dior displayed behind glass, color coordinated, with a paragraph about each product, it’s safe to say I was in paradise. Being able to see each product’s individuality and unique design and textures really is an inspiring experience. Opposite the wall of accessories is a wall of magazine covers. All the covers that have used Dior items are on this wall, from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar to The Times Magazine, of course the first I spotted was Queen Riri placed next to Queen Cara!! My role models modeling the same Dior headpiece for a magazine cover, I may have been fan girling.. just a lil 🙂

Room 10 

The last main room 😦 But it was magnificent. The lighting continuously kept changing from day to night, it was magical. Each dress had detail that I could only imagine took months to make. Each dress had me as stunned as the last. The room itself was an artwork in itself. The second I walked in, my jaw was on the floor. It was honestly such a dream to see all these dresses displayed in such a luxury way, I’m still getting over it now. The detail for each one has me speechless. There’s no words good enough to fit the energy and effort and the vision of these designs. Towards the end of the room, there were dresses that have been worn by celebrities. I was shook when I saw Emma Watson’s then Jennifer Lawrence’s and then RIHANNA’S. I cannot even describe how I felt going around this whole exhibition. Let’s just say I am incredibly, incredibly grateful.

Room 11

This room was the last, and consisted of only 1 dress. The dress was glorious and displayed very beautifully. It had ‘Christian Dior’ written across the fan and the beautiful pink dress. It really was a great ending to the stunning expedition. I cannot wait for the future of Dior and how it continues to shape the world of fashion.

After leaving the expedition you a instantly find yourself in a Dior gift shop. Since I am an art/fashion student there was no way I was leaving there without the Dior sketchbook. It included hand sketches of some of the most famous Dior designs so was perfect to inspire me to continue designing. I also got a smaller sketchbook with the quote “Even when there are no more secrets, fashion remains a mystery” because I mean.. how accurate, and then for added effect I bought a Christian Dior pencil.

Lastly I want to give a huge congratulations to the creative director for the whole set as it was beautifully made and brought the whole dream to life. A video I found really interesting of the team building the exhibition is (Inside the Christian Dior Exhibition)! Also congratulations to Maria Grazia Chiuri the first female designer for Dior!! I love seeing females thrive in the fashion world.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments which room was your favorite, and I promise I will be back in the swing of posting often very soon!

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