If you’re no stranger to my blog you will know just how much I am in love with London. From all the different types of styles, to the architecture, to the art galleries, I will never get tired of the occasional weekend away in the city.

Recently I’ve started putting my art onto items of clothing and to say the least I am soo happy with it. I haven’t started selling anything yet, and don’t know what the future holds but this whole idea started out as a project for college. Every t-shirt you see me wearing is made by me and if you like you can follow my journey on Instagram @Jeavonlondon. Besides my T-shirts, every item will be linked below the photo and I will explain with each look how I chose to style it. Also, let me know in the comments which of my tee’s is your favorite 🙂

Links to outfit: Adidas Original Orange Joggers

Cheetah Headscarf

Karl Lagerfeld Handbag

Look #1

That morning I left the hotel room without knowing myself what I was doing that day. When you’re in London you normally want to dress for the occasion but when you’re out with my family you never know what you’re getting yourself into, so that meant I had to do what any Fashion lover would do and dress tf up. For trips to the city I am NOT a light packer, and by this I mean almost half my wardrobe was in my rucksack, I had to make sure I had a good/extra/Thalia style outfit and I know if I packed lightly I would instantly regret my outfit choices I made at home in front of my mirror with my mum’s inputs.

So, that morning I decided since I love London it only deserves my best outfits. I wore vivid orange Adidas joggers and my own Jeavon London ‘flame’ t-shirt. The orange in the flames went well with the orange joggers and that’s why I paired them together. I love colour coordinating clothes and since I’m reppin’ my own ‘brand’ it’s only best to dress extra. But bright orange pants is not extra enough for me and I loveee wearing head pieces and this patterned headscarf went perfect with the one colored outfit. The handbag is a little silver number by Karl Lagerfeld which I take almost everywhere and an unexpected part of the outfit is the faux Off White belt that I bought that morning in Camden Market that went perfect with the silver bag. Even though it was faux I liked the length of it and the way it pulled my outfit together.. in the future I will definitely be investing into some high fashion belts like this, I loved it!!

Link to outfit: Adidas Originals Cycling Shorts

Kappa Bumbag

Look #2

This next outfit was simply just for a dinner out in the Hard Rock Cafe. It was quite a warm night so shorts were appropriate but I kept the balance by wearing long sleeves. Keeping with the colour coordination theme, the red in my tee (that is one again I made) goes with the red cycling shorts. Although the cycling shorts were Adidas the quality were pretty poor. I know I never normal talk about the quality of the items I wear and normally just how to style them but I have £5 ones from the kids sports day section in Asda that are better. On the other hand, I guess you could say they looked good. I wore a baseball cap that also had elements of red in it and accessorized with my Kappa bumbag just to pull the look together.

Links to outfit: Black Denim Shorts

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Similar Scarf

Look #3

This is such a boujee outfit right? One of my classier styles where I like to look like I’ve just stepped out of a limousine and of course – a girl boss. I bet you can already guess that the top I’m wearing is one that I’ve made. It was a really good day for weather so shorts were pretty necessary, and what goes better with baby blue than black? Going along with the black theme I wore a Zara printed scarf tied around my neck that reminded me of vintage Versace and basically screams classy. The black boujee glasses you will have no doubt seen all over Instagram went well with my look and I loveee how it turned out. I love creating different styles in cities and really being confident and owning what I’m wearing.

Thank you for reading, please let me know in the comments which t-shirt of mine you like best, and I hope you all have a great week back in college, school. university or work after the amazing summer that we’ve had!




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