Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to be doing a book review on one of the most popular books this summer, by the well known and loved British author: Jojo Moyes. I started reading her books around 2 years ago when ‘Me Before You’ first came out and fell in love with her amazing writing and of course the main character Louisa. It was one of the first books that got me into reading and when I found ‘Still Me’ on the shelf in Sainsbury’s I squealed a little as it was such an unexpected surprise I obviously bought it straight away and I’ve been saving it all this time to read it in the summer. Let’s start off by saying I loved it. It was amazing. Jojo Moyes NEVER disappoints. Ahhh it was so good, let’s get straight into this review..

So Jojo Moyes is now officially in my top 5 favorite authors, let’s start by saying that. It’s been that long before I last read ‘Me Before You’ and of course the sequel ‘Me After You’ that I’d forgotten how into the story I was and how enjoyable the books were. Since this is the 3rd book out of the series admittingly I didn’t have the highest expectations for it and never thought it could beat the first one. Now, I’m not saying it did beat the first one but I definitely can’t pick a favorite. You have to read Me Before You and Me After You to be able to understand the references, characters and why the main character Louisa is in New York in the first place.

It’s a beautiful story that tests friendships, relationships, loyalty in many ways, home sickness and much more. It’s a heartfelt story that many of us can relate to aspects too. I really enjoyed every page of it and I never found that there were the more boring chapter and the more exciting, every page kept me entertained and wanting to read more.. as a good book should. It is 100% a must read.

Like I said, it’s essential that you read Me before you and Me after you if you want to understand the references. The book is based around Louisa’s big break when she goes to work for a wealthy family in New York. At first it is the coolest thing she has ever done, living in the big apple, getting to go to fancy balls, riding around everywhere in a limousine, but then Louisa turns homesick but is she really willing to give this new lifestyle up for her boyfriend back home?

Their relationship gets tested many times, with both of them finding long distance hard Louisa decides to be the voice of reason and stay strong. But will Sam back in London do the same? Besides her relationship Louisa has been keeping herself busy with the new family she’s working for. They seem to always have their ups and downs and many many secrets they all share from each other. With Agnes (her employers wife) being foreign in a family full of riches, she isn’t the most liked. She’s lonely, and sad and has to wear a strong face from day to day proving to everyone that she’s okay. We later discover Agnes’ big secret that changes Louisa’s career forever.

Every holidays Louisa get’s to go home to visit her family in London. When she arrives she heads straight to Sam’s and finds out something she hadn’t ever wanted to be true. He was in his kitchen laughing with his new work partner Katie when Louisa pulled up outside to surprise him. Of course she did not stay long and that was the end for them. When Louisa returns to New York her new man Josh enters her life more frequently. With them going on more and more dates they finally decide to go official.

I won’t tell you guys what Agnes’ secret is but I will say it got Louisa fired. What started off being a new beginning for her career, Louisa was now homeless in New York City. Well until Josh hears and decides to let her sleep on his sofa bed. While Louisa was out in New York one day she came across an unexpected job offer. Again I won’t say what it is but it’s cute and it’s very, very unexpected.

Louisa and Josh unfortunately grow apart but Louisa is still out there in New York living her best life. Everything falls together in the end and Louisa is more in love with the city than she ever had been. At the end Louisa meets an unexpected somebody at the top of the Rockefeller Plaza building and lives happy ever after… as far as we know.

Although it sounds like I have just described the ins and outs of the whole entire book, I promise you that there is so much more that happens. There’s so much information that I didn’t include because I want you guys to read it and experience it all for yourselves of course. This is definitely a book I can read over and over again, I will definitely be re-reading all 3 of them again soon because of how much I love them. It’s 100% one that I’m going to remember for a long time, I loved it and I bet you will too.

Thank you for reading, if you have any book recommendations please let me know in the comments below. Also let me know which Jojo Moyes book is your favorite!

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