Over the last few years there’s no surprise that social media influencers have become hugely popular on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. With almost all of us opening up at least one of these apps every single day there’s no doubt about whether or not you get influenced by the media, the answer is that you do. We all do. But the question is to what extent? If I see a sweatshirt on say In The Frow that I’ve never seen anywhere before, seeing her look good in it, styling it perfectly, looking amazing will 90% make me want to buy it if it’s right up my street.

But besides wanting the latest Jaden Smith merchandise because I’ve seen it advertised for the 10th time on Instagram, this blog post is going to be all about if my style is based of a built of other peoples I see online.

I’m going to start off with a theory that we’ve been studying during media lessons by David Gauntlett. His theory is the idea that the media provide us with ‘tools’ or resources that we use to construct our identities. Which I agree with. Rihanna made me want to wear oversized hoodies religiously, Jaden Smith made me not want to dress like everyone else, Tyler the Creator made me want to wear bright colors and bloggers that I follow online made me want to experiment more with ‘my style’.

Is this a bad thing? Of course not. If it wasn’t for Instagram or social media advertisements there’s a 70% chance that I’d still be wearing a Jack Wills hoodie with basic black jeans trying to fit in with everybody else. I’ve always been one to experiment with fashion even since dressing my build a bears in new outfits everyday, but since all my school life I’ve had to wear a uniform expressing myself with style hasn’t always been relevant to me.

Until up about year 11. I started finding myself continuously watching the latest fashion shows on Youtube, reading fashion blogs and buying items that weren’t trending. I started my Instagram page in April last year specifically for my blog. I followed my friends and bloggers such as In the frow, Negin Mirsalehi and Cara Jourdan, I also followed my favorite celebrities, fashion brands and fashion designers all so I could keep an eye out on any upcoming events and simply just enjoy their posts.

From this I found out about new fashion houses, what Rihanna wore to the grammys, what shoes Kanye West is dropping next month and the whole entire Dior runway. In all fairness what can’t you find out about the fashion industry on Instagram?

Even though I hate to admit it and I bet you all do too, but Instagram has an effect on each and every one of our styles. As much as we want to stand out and let our outfit basically scream ‘Individual’ we do this in a sense of influencing others. You don’t want 100 people on the same street walking around wearing the same outfit as you but you want them 100 people to look at your outfit impressed by the individuality. Instagram has made us want to go out looking and feeling our best wanting others to be inspired by us and especially our style.

As much as I think Instagram does effect our styles, I also think that a lot of my outfits come from my creativity and confidence to wear any outfit I want too. I’ve gone through many, many styles of outfits and if you follow my blog then you probably already know that I will just about wear absolutely anything.

As a fashion blogger, my aim is not to have people dress like me but to find their style like I did. To me, my style is flexible, original, unique, that only I can rock. I won’t like everything in the fashion industry but I would wear everything in the fashion industry. My style is adventurous, courageous and out there. I hope in 10 years time I still don’t get influenced by what’s trending and I remain true to myself and whatever my ‘style is’.

Links to outfit: Adidas Track Pants

Adidas Track Top

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments if you believe Instagram has effected your style or not, I’d love to hear different perspectives.

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