I’m finally getting to do this Makeup Obsession palette review which is soo soo long overdue I know, but I’ve taken my time trying and testing it out to see if it is really worth the money and I have finally decided that it’s time to share with you guys.

Before the new counter came in my local Boots, I must admit I’d never heard of the brand. My first thoughts after seeing them was that the brand is affordable and there are many, many palettes that I would like to try because of the amazing colours. After trying out a few of the palettes by swatching them on my hand I decided that I liked the ‘Be Crazy About’ eyeshadow palette best. But I did what I always do when I know I like a makeup item but don’t need to spend more money on makeup as I already have enough to use on a whole college campus at home.. I walked out the shop without buying it.

Around a week later was A Level results day, and luckily and gratefully my mum brought me a few of their items as a well done gift. I ended up getting this ‘Be Crazy About’ palette, the ‘Lightening Glow’ Setting Spray and a set of 3 lip gloss collection which you got free after spending a certain amount of money.

The next weekend I was off to London, which is when my experimentation’s started.

The Shades 

The image above shows the palette in its full glory. It consists of 10 different shades all pretty exotic colours. The names are pretty cute and go with their shade.. such as yellow being ‘Joy’, ‘Cloud Nine’ being white and ‘Fire’ is of course burgundy. It’s a nice variety of different colours, where you have the opportunity to create a mixture of makeup looks. If you’re feeling a smokey eye you can jump in with ‘Idol’, ‘Excite’ and ‘Fire’, or if neutral tones are more your thing you can blend ‘Ardor’, ‘Icon’ and ‘Cloud Nine’ together for the perfect eye look. There’s a good mixture to decide between so the creativity lays in your hands.

The Price

So this palette was a whopping £6. I mean £6 for a good palette is quite a questionable price right? From high end brands selling some for over £40 that apparently make your eyes that nice you look like you’ve just stepped off the Dior Cruise catwalk, £6 for a good palette is dirt cheap. Is it even worth the £6 though? I’d have to say yes. It is definitely worth the £6 if you know that these shades will come in handy, otherwise because of the exotic colours playing a big role, if this isn’t for you I’d say save your money and buy an issue of Vogue, that way you can’t go wrong. 


My look

I decided to create a pink, girly eyeshadow look with this palette and went in with the shades ‘Cloud Nine’ ‘Champion’ and ‘Icon’. They were the perfect trio and it’s safe to say they all blended really well together to make a put together, neat eyeshadow look. Since I was making a pretty intense eye look, I used A LOT of shadow and there actually wasn’t as much fallout as expected at all. The shadows are buildable and pigmented to make this pretty pink look and it was so simple and easy with these 3 perfect shades that my mum would probably even be able to do it.


Above is a image of all the swatches on my skin tone. As you can tell, they’re not the most pigmented and the colours appear a lot more extravagant in the palette itself. But I feel as though they look so much better on the eye. In the look I made I didn’t exactly cake a lot of product on and it still looks vivid and pigmented which I know is different to the pigmentation to these swatches but it’s the truth! The colours I feel really do it for me and have the best pigmentation have to be ‘Champion’ and ‘Hero Worship’ because I mean… just look at that shine.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have an amazing week. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried anything from Makeup Obsession before or what would you like to try?

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