This blog post is gonna be a lil bit different to my normal ones and is on a topic I feel strongly about helping. October is Breast Cancer awareness month and every year brands such as River Island, Vans and Fenty like to get involved and help bring light on the subject.


This blog post is going to be all about a few brands that are helping donate by raising their awareness through the use of fashion. 2 years ago my mum was diagnosed and ever since we’ve done anything we could to give back to the amazing team that helped her get the all clear. There’s many ways to get involved and help raise money for the charities based around breast cancer such as Race For Life, but this post is based solely around the fashion highlighting awareness around the cause.


I’m starting with Vans because this was my tribute to the cause involving the fashion world. Vans have collaborated with CoppaFeel to create a collection of shoes, clothing and accessories to showcase the strength and beauty of those impacted or touched by breast cancer. CoppaFeel is a UK based breast cancer awareness charity that promotes early detection and encourages young people to better know their bodies. The collection includes 4 Vans trainers covered in sketches of boobs and women’s upper naked bodies, 2 tees, a hoodie and a jacket covered in boob sketches and 2 hats with the slogan “You got this” written across them.

I feel as though it’s a really good conversation starter and can really persuade more women to get checked out and raise awareness on the matter. All the graphics and Illustrations were designed in house to promote inclusion, representation and empowerment. I love it. Also this collection is available for Women, Men and children because breast cancer impacts everyone. I truly love how Vans have collaborated with CopperFeel to create this as it will make a huge impact for the future of patients.

Link to buy: Vans

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Pink Pony club launched in 2000 and has ever since been a global initiative in the fight against cancer. According to the website, when you purchase any item from the Pink Pony Collection 25% of each purchase price is donated to Ralph Lauren’s fight against cancer. If you buy a light pink ‘love in pink’ t-shirt then 100% of the purchase price is donated to the charity which I think is amazing and definitely worth checking out if you want to get involved!

The collection consists of light pink, grey and navy jumpers, tees and joggers. They also have a customization option where you can put your name on the back and change designs of tees. The collection is again available for Women, Men and Children!! This collection is definitely one of my favorites and I love the effort they’ve made for such a great cause.

Link to buy: Ralph Lauren

Bobbi Brown

If you want to get involved through makeup then Bobbi Brown have launched a ‘Proud to be Pink’ lipstick duo. They have also created a Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box which costs £25 and has a variety of some of the beauty industry’s most popular products such as Smashbox’s Photo finish Primer, Glam Glow’s face mask and a Clinique Moisturizer. £15 of each box will be going towards the Breast Cancer awareness foundation. It’s a great way for beauty lovers to get involved and the price is pretty good for the amount of products you are getting anyways!

Link to buy: Bobbi Brown


Accessorize have also partnered up with CopperFeel this month by donating £20,000 of their profits from the exclusive feel-good boutique collection of products. This is another collection with amazing designs that I love. The collection ranges from 3 bags, 2 necklaces a silk scarf, a key ring and a T shirt. The design is almost similar to the one on the Vans with illustrations of boobs covering the products. I feel as though it’s the best design to grab people’s attention and raise awareness on the subject.

Link to buy: Accessorize

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you can consider purchasing any of the items from these brand’s Breast Cancer Awareness collection. It’s for such a good cause and the amount of money we will be making for the charity is unreal! If these brands aren’t really for you, a few other brands that are doing something are Ghd, Chapstick, Elemis, Glam glow, Jo Malone, Lounge Underwear and many more.

I hope you can all consider these collections or at least share and shine a light to these brands! Have an amazing week!


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