…and a social life.

Over the summer I took a month break from blogging and to say the least I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep creating content after not doing it for so long whilst also juggling college work. But last month I got back on my grind and started planning a lot more and I am proud to say that it was one of the highest viewing months for my blog.

After having 3 months off college I realized how much blogging really impacts on my days. I was continuously creating content day after day for June and July and then got completely slumped by August and had a month rest. So as you could imagine going from that to full on college, back to full time blogging, making plans with my friends after college, making time for myself and also did I mention I FINALLY got a job??!! Yeah it’s a lot to manage.


To start I’ll let you guys know what actually goes on throughout my week. I attend college from 8am until 5:30pm on every weekday besides Wednesday. I post a blog post 3 times a week, I try to work out for at least 20 minutes everyday, I try to get through a whole book every week, I work over the weekends and also I love going out with my friends. Writing it down now it seems a lot but I’m actually not stressed at this point at all surprisingly. I plan what day’s I’m going to write/prepare/post a blog post, and since I am an art student, 2 out of 3 of my courses consist of sketchbooks that need to be filled and handed in by January so I try to do a few pages of them a week. This way I balance my college work and my own work and I won’t get too stressed when the deadline approaches and I can also carry on doing what I enjoy.

I feel like one of the most useful ways for me to feel motivated to do a little bit of college work each night is not only to get into my 1st choice University but also because I really enjoy doing what I do. At the moment I’m focusing on my Graphic Art sketchbook and I’m loving filling it in. We got to choose a topic for our theme and my theme is obviously fashion so as you can imagine it get’s me hyped and motivated to make it good. I found picking a theme that I love really makes a difference with how I manage my time. Since next year I will be heading off to Uni, I am prioritizing my college work hugely. But that doesn’t mean that I’m doing it 24/7 and don’t have time to do anything else. Any free time I get during college I either do college work or create content, I do not go on my phone! That will only lead to me getting into a conversation on the group chat and scrolling thru the Insta feed for a hour, I try to stay away from my phone while I’m working as much as possible.


For blogging I plan ahead. This year I bought an academic diary to plan 2 weeks in advance what posts I’m going to be doing, when I’m going to write them, when I’m going to be taking the pictures for them and when I’m going to post them. It has helped so much. When I have a free lesson in college I have found myself working on my blog, if I forget my book for the bus ride I will write more content in my notepad to type up on WordPress later, any chance I get to write I take. Normally after college I will try and write a whole post and since I enjoy what I do I always find words flowing out of me and it doesn’t always take me as long as it used too. I 100% owe my consistency of content to my diary though, it has really helped with pushing me to do things on certain days and not put it off for another week.


Now.. A social life? Never heard of her? JK believe it or not I’m actually always out with my best friend. We work similar hours on the weekend and still make time to see each other afterwards. Since most of my other friends stayed on for sixth form I don’t see them as often but when we can we always try and meet up. Sometimes just to be in each others company I will even take my work to my friends house and we will watch films whilst I’m filling in my art book. Little things like this make it so much easier to balance my work and having a social life. I try to do as little college work and blogging over the weekend as possible. Every Saturday morning I go out for breakfast with my Godmother, work, then make plans with my friends. Every Sunday I work and then go out for Sunday tea with my family. I spend as much time doing social things as I can over the weekend and keep my work for weekdays only.

For other activities like reading and exercising I mainly do them whenever I have time. If I feel like I’ve finished everything for the day I will have a lil workout and then read in bed. I mainly do this for my health and I always feel better and more calm after a good workout or reading an extra chapter in my current book.

At the moment I am really happy with what I’m doing. I’m at peace with a mindset that everything will happen for a reason. I will try my best to get good grades, create content and have a social life but if not everything works out as planned then it’s a bad week not a bad life. I don’t stress too much and I try to see how much everything I do is benefiting myself and my future. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great week, thank you for reading x



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