RIH GODAMN ANNA EVERYONE. The Queen, The fashion designer, the beauty creator, the singer, the performer, the inspiration, the everything. Rihanna. Besides the fact that I love everything about her, Fenty right now has got to be one of my favourite makeup brands due to their luxurious quality and award winning factors.


If you don’t know much about the brand, then here’s a quick backstory: Rihanna has experimented hugely with different makeup brands across her career as you could imagine, but seen the same fault with every one of them – their ability to perform across everything skin tone. Starting with the Fenty foundation that I recently did a blog post  about (which you can read about here: MY NEW FAVOURITE FOUNDATION), Rihanna made a shade range focusing on a wide range traditionally hard to match skin tones and creating formulas that match every skin type.

Starting with the Fenty foundation, it is an award winning foundation that includes over 50 different shades. I have it and I love it. You are 99% likely to find your perfect shade from this range whatever your skin tone. It is a very popular foundation that many people love, its lightweight but still makes your face look flawless and radiant. The Gloss Bomb is also a must have for juicy, full looking lips. There’s many products in the store that I’ve heard are amazing and I can’t wait to hopefully try in the future.

Besides the amazing shade range, the quality of the products (well at least the ones I’ve tried) are unreal, andddd Rihanna actually uses them! It isn’t one of them brands that celebrities create and don’t have a second thought about, Rihanna has carefully chosen shades, product names and packaging for each one of her products and has made her own Youtube tutorial of how she applies them . Even though it’s her own brand, I really trust her opinions on the products and using her tips and tricks in my everyday routine.

Although the brand’s still just getting started, there’s plenty of products already released that you’ll most likely be interest in if you love makeup like me. If you don’t really like foundation, Fenty have a line of concealers (that still have a wide shade range), if you love eyeshadow, there’s 2 palettes to choose from, you like lipstick? Fenty have over 30 shades from orange to blue to purple to nude, that are moisturizing, matte or glossy. Fenty really has something for everyone.

Rihanna started creating makeup to inspire people to get creative she says “makeup is there for you to have fun with” and “it should never feel like pressure” which I mean.. Preach. They sell Fenty in Boots and Harvey Nichols but if you don’t have one near you and are interested in the foundation, there’s a shade match test on the Fenty website where you take a test to find out your perfect shade recommendations based on your skin tone.

As I was saying before, the products are lightweight but also easily buildable. There’s bronzers, blushers, and highlighters in a powder consistency and in a stick form. I honestly cannot find a flaw with this brand.

Another reason to love it is that it’s cruelty free and a few Vegan products from the range include: the Soft Matte Liquid Foundations, the Match Stix Matte Skinsticks, the Blotting Powder, the Glossbomb and the Tools and Brushes. So really none of us can go wrong with a bit of Fenty.

It currently is my favourite brand as a whole and I just have to applaud Rihanna for everything she has created for her range!! If you have anymore questions about any of the products I’ve already tried then please let me know in the comments. Also let me know what your favourite Fenty product is or if there’s any you’d love to try? Thank you for reading and remember to shop Fenty!! haha.

Link to the Fenty Official Website: Fenty Beauty

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  1. SaidaChahid. says:

    Love for Fenty! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oliveunicorn says:

    Her lipsticks are amazing 💕


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