This post is long overdue, I’ve been hinting at what I’ve been doing throughout the summer and then not said a word of it since. But I’m finally getting around to doing an entire blog post on what I was up too and giving you guys what you’ve been waiting for.

I’m finally in my last year of college (hopefully) and for my art project this year I’ve decided to start putting my art onto items of clothing. I chose mostly T-Shirts but I did end up creating one hoodie. I got the inspiration from brands and artists online who wear their own art and I thought it would be such a cool project to try out for myself.

Since I’m thinking of going into the fashion industry in the future, I try to incorporate fashion into multiple of my subjects and this is such an amazing way to participate.

Over the summer I made designs on my family laptop none stop and put together 5 different T-Shirts and 1 hoodie. I really put my all into creating every single one and I love how each of them turned out. My time limit was for January 2020 but of course if you know me I had to get everything sorted so I did it all over the summer so that I’m prepared to start the college year off right.

I was visiting London with my friend during the summer so had the intention to finish all my designs so we can Model them whilst we were there. The images turned out great and it’s safe to say I will soon be creating a magazine full of them as part of my art course and I cannot wait.


What is the brand? 

So, during the summer I had the idea to create my own brand called ‘Jeavon London’ (my surname is Jeavons if you’re wondering where it came from haha). All of the art I made I wrote Jeavon somewhere around it and made it very visible on every top that I made apart from the hoodie. I really liked the chosen name and since it was a very personal name I felt the need to create every item personal too. I wanted to create a brand where I would wear and style every single item from it and I truly loved.

So without further ado here are the items that I made for my project..

Tee #1 – Jesus Said Chill

At the moment I’m loving wearing slogan clothing. I also love incorporating my personal beliefs, political views, or things that represent my character into my fashion, and if you know me then you’d know I’m Catholic and I love representing that into my style in subtle ways. Whether that be with gold engraving and heavy jewels, this time I literally wrote ‘Jesus said chill’ on my tee with a jaguar roaring next to it. I thought this was cool to remind myself that even when things are tough I shouldn’t take much of it to heart, I should just chill and carry on.

Since the top has red detailing in, I paired it with red cycling shorts in the first outfit and tightened the top with a Kappa bumbag. Since it’s a slogan shirt with a lot going on, I paired it with plain red shorts that coordinated the outfit perfectly and honestly looks like I brought the tee and not made it.

In the second outfit, I made the colour red pop with my Valentino bumbag. I wore my very beloved Adidas pants and I cannot think of a better way I could have styled it for this day. I wanted to experiment with the use of different coloured pants and for me personally I think I prefer it with the red shorts wayy more and it really emphasize the pop of colour in the tee.

Tee #2 – The Animal Pool

This tee really shows my love for tigers. I made the design square and minimal and printed it onto a light blue shirt that matched the colour of the pool water and I used black writing for my brands name in the center for it to stand out.

In this outfit, I paired the tee with black shorts and my black and gold neck scarf. It’s a very easy top to style and I dressed it up for a much more boujee vibe which was thanks to the Zara neck scarf. It can be very dressed down too which is what I love about it and more colour can be added without making it look OTT. It’s definitely a top that I wear often and can style with many different things and has a much more meaningful meaning to it than what people know, which is what I love so much about it.


Tee #3 & #4

Lets start with Lucy’s outfit. I designed a slogan ‘It’s not me It’s you’ in a pink square box with a iconic picture of a woman with her middle fingers up. I also put images of lips on the side in squares for added effect. The meaning behind it is the women fighting back and being in peace with herself by realizing she isn’t the problem and putting her middle fingers up at the people in her way and still looking as amazing as ever. Lucy paired it with basic denim jeans and a long belt in black to match the tee.

The T-Shirt I was wearing is a picture of boots walking with flames after every step. This shows the effect a ‘fire’ outfit leaves and how powerful the fashion industry and females are. I went all out and paired it with orange pants to match the orange flames in the tee and I wore a cheetah print head scarf to spice things up a bit. I also wore a long belt over my t-shirt so that is was visible and I have to say this has been one of my favourite outfits I have worn this year.


The Hoodie

This is the only item that actually didn’t have ‘Jeavon’ plastered anywhere on it. This was my first ever design that I made for my project and was honestly just a test to see if my idea would work out. It doesn’t have a deep meaning to it, it’s a pair of hands touching each other in silver detailed jewels and then a larger image of a body with gloves in the background. It shows how everyone can dress up and present to everyone through fashion anything they want too, and in this case it’s a working class girl showing royalty and superior which is obviously not my background but fashion is an instant language and that’s what will be portrayed to anyone passing by.

I paired the hoodie with a pair of blue drawstring pants which incorporated a more street style edge into it which I loved. It can’t really be dressed up since it’s a hoodie but it looks amazing with colourful funky pants of any sort. The front is plain so the main focus is on the back but hopefully in the future I can edit it and add more designs.


What I plan to do with them?

At the moment, this is all for my project and nothing is on sale. In the future I would love to create my own brand but for now this remains college course work but if anything ever happens with them I will of course keep you guys updated.

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments which item was your favourite and would best suit your style? I’d love to know!!

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  1. bwithblue says:

    Loved reading this post.

    Thanks for sharing my lovely !!!

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    1. Thalia Jeavons says:

      Thank you so much!! xx


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