When you pass someone on the street wearing a singer/celebrities merchandise that you love do you ever just think instantly ‘damn we’d get along’ and feel the need to speak to them for absolutely no other reason than what’s on their top. It’s happened to me on a number of occasions where I’ve seen people in Jaden Smith’s merch to Tyler the Creator’s and we’ve stood in the middle of the street just talking about the celebrity they’re repping and what we like about them. Music is a great conversation starter and a great way to connect with people through fashion.

Because you all already know how much I love fashion, I love to not only represent artists music through my clothes but I also love to represent the ones who take time with their brand and see the creative side of fashion which they can include in their merchandise. I’ve chosen 2 brands to include in this post which are of course ERYS by Jaden Smith and I decided on AWGE by A$AP Rocky.

There are many, many designs for merchandise which are creative and good quality, some more associated with the celebrity them self and some more associated with the fashion. These two brands are more the creative side which is why I love them. They’re both available in the UK which can be a big problem when it comes to wanting your favourite celebs merchandise. I have wanted to buy from the Msfts.rep website (Jaden Smith’s merch) for the longest time and just this year a limited line of products have been introduced to Selfridges.



For starters, when celebrities collaborate with stores such as Selfridges you are immediately expecting great original designs. When Jaden Smith first introduced his brand in Selfridges I could not have been happier. It’s a brand I’ve always wanted to purchase from but never been available in the UK. It is pretty affordable for merchandise but has more of a concept behind the products. I love the designs and the creative process behind them.

I take a lot of style inspiration from Jaden Smith also, so it would of been stupid of me to wear some basic pants with this outfit. I used the most colourful ones I could find which had the same turquoise colour as the shirt in them.

Although Jaden Smith isn’t very popular in the UK I still feel good representing his products. I listen to his music and know what his lyrics are about and I love them, which is why I always feel more confident when wearing his brand and feeling closer to the album.

Link to outfit: ERYS Exclusive slogan print T-Shirt

Collusion Unisex 90’s fit colourful tie dye Jeans

Then we have A$AP Rocky and if you couldn’t tell by now, I listen to a lot of rap. A$AP Rocky’s brand ‘AWGE’ has also just been released in Selfridges but this time it’s more on the expensive side. Personally I thought the design was very cool and very associated with the rapper but the quality of the ERYS merch was much, much more deluxe.

A lot more people know A$AP Rocky here, so this top is a lot more of a conversation starter than the last. I tucked it into some balloon leg jeans which had cool little pocket details on them, and I put a luxury looking scarf on for added effect. If you know A$AP Rocky then you would probably know how often he wears bandannas. I like incorporating the celebrities style into mine as well as repping their brand. For example I wouldn’t wear a basic outfit to represent ERYS because Jaden is far from basic and for A$AP Rocky I wouldn’t wear something girly or feminine. I like getting creative with my style like this and experimenting with the influence of others style and incorporating it into my own.

Link to outfit: AWGE Injured Generation A$AP Rocky top

Collusion balloon leg jeans

(Similar) Zara Limited Edition Printed Scarf

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and let me know in the comments which celebrities you love to represent through their merchandise?

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