Since I live in Wales you would have thought either A. I live on a farm, B. I live up a mountain or C. In the middle of nowhere. Let me tell you how none of those are true. I live in a town surrounded by houses in a neighborhood where we all grew up close and inviting each other round for tea once a week. But as a country we are home to some of the most amazing mountains and nature walks in the world and I am so grateful to live in such a country like Wales.

Although it probably seems on my blog as though I’m out shopping almost every weekend (kinda true) I always like to enjoy a bit of outdoor time with my family and where better place to do that than on our doorstep. Wales is home to some of the prettiest views and adventurous nature walks and I am lucky enough to live just a 15 minute drive away from one of my favorites.

So, since when did a fashion blogger become obsessed with the outdoors? It’s so much different to the warmth of walking into Prada or the happiness you feel buying a brand new Chanel bag so what changed my mind? Well the reality is, my family and I have always been the outdoors type, mostly persuaded by my dad and his love for camping. We used to go camping every summer, go on day long bike rides along the prom, climb up mountains in our free time or simply explore castles as a day out, so I am no stranger to the nature life. As much as I’m scared of spiders, being outdoors with my family will always be one of my favourite things and where a lot of my best memories come from.

A break from reality is another reason I love the outdoors. As much as I love being in the city I also love being up a mountain. You don’t have to worry about crowded places, shops closing, deadlines that are due. Being in the outdoors is refreshing and calming even just for the few hours that you’re out for. One of the most beneficial things it’s known for is being able to improve your mental health. I am in the middle of doing all my course work and with my big ideas I have decided to take on a lot resulting in me constantly working nonstop and overdoing it. Getting outdoors always restores my mental energy and get’s me back on track to how I should be. Studies have found that natural beauty can elicit feeling of awe which is one of the surest ways to experience a mental boost. So next time I’m down in the dumps about not getting everything done on time I won’t take Carrie Bradshaw’s advice of ‘Buy a Chanel and get over it’ I’ll take a long walk in the countryside and probably save myself a few £££ too.

Getting outdoors is also very beneficial for stress. I’m not saying all your problems will go away after a walk in the forest but it’s proven for students that stress levels being out in the country are a lot lower than those out in the city. It gives my mind a fresh start and gives my creativity a boost for when I start my work up again.

Besides what studies show, I actually really enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places. It can be with my family or with my friends, I always appreciate the time together and away from our phones or any social media.

There are many amazing nature walks spreaded across Wales that are so worth going to. In the future hopefully I will be able to create a post of my favourite nature walks in Wales because of the amount I’ve been too.  I can go to the same one time after time again and it’s just like a Fendi store; it never gets tiring. Also I love styling outdoor wear who would have thought? It’s freezing in Wales, especially up a mountin so dressing sensibly is unfortunately essential.  Not even the holy power of Louboutin’s could survive this 😦

There’s also nothing like the views from above. Sometimes it can be such a hike to get to the top but once you see the views then it all becomes worth it.

If anything you can take from this post let it be the urge to get outdoors more. I hope you all enjoyed and have an amazing month of November. Be sure to let me know in the comments where you love to go in the outdoors or where you’d love to go? Mine is most definitely the Grand Canyon but for now I’m enjoying the beautiful nature around me and taking it one nature park at a time haha.

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