If you haven’t seen all over my Instagram (@tjblogs) recently all the posts I’ve been doing whilst at the festival then I guess I could say you’re really missing out. I got the chance to attend the Glamour Beauty Festival in Manchester this week with my beautiful mum and to say the least – it was amazing! I’ve wanted to go since I seen in advertised in London last year but unfortunately it stayed in London for a while before it finally came to Manchester. Which is of course why we didn’t hesitate to buy tickets.

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting as it was my first time going to a beauty festival. I have been to many fashion events including The Clothes Show and London Fashion Week but never a beauty related event like this. I’m not the best at makeup but I do enjoy experimenting with different looks and watching tutorials on Youtube so I still do have a huge interest in beauty but I did feel eager to learn more which is why I thought the Glamour Festival would be perfect.


We booked our tickets for the Sunday afternoon meaning the doors opened for us at 2:30. Our hotel was literally opposite where the event took place so we left at about 2:20 and made our way over. It’s safe to say that my outfit definitely stood out. With me knowing near to nothing about beauty events but everything about fashion ones I forget that people tend to dress a wee bit more casually but I’m glad to say with only a few glares at my pants and look me up and down eye rolls I absolutely loved my outfit (and rocked it btw).

As we first walked into the doors of the Manchester Central Convention Complex building we were instantly assisted to join a huge long queue of people. Luckily the queue didn’t last too long (literally less than 10 minutes) and whilst we were in it, the workers would come around scanning our tickets and giving us wristbands so that we were all ready to go through without a fuss.

As soon as you’re out of the queue you’re in. Everybody wanted a photo of the Glamour wall and my mum insisted I stand in front of it for a picture so my awkward self had to stand in the way of everybody else’s cameras while my mum stood there taking my photo. (If I look awkward it’s because I was).

Straight after that we were told to wait in another line to grab our goody bags and then make our way in towards the festival. So, once my mum and I got all our treats we headed straight for the entrance where a worker instantly gave us a guide to all the brands in the room and what they’re specializing in.


The festival included big brands such as; Huda Beauty, Fenty, E.L.F, Pixi and many more. Each brand specialized in different parts of your face where you apply makeup. Too faced were doing eyes, Origins – Skin, E.L.F were finding your perfect foundation and concealer shade and Tatti Lashes were well.. applying lashes. If you’re a beauty maniac there’s a 99% chance you’d love it here and the amount of freebies you get is amazing!! I probably won’t have to buy another makeup item for the next 10 years with the amount I got, although we all know that won’t happen with my shopping habits.

One of the first brands we went too was ‘Isle of Paradise’ where they were handing out Boots goody bags if you walked through. Although the brand looks amazing, we didn’t hang round much as there was so much to see and fake tan wasn’t exactly our greatest interest. Included in the Boots goody bag were a pair of Velour false lashes where they would apply them for you for free, but we decided against it as we wanted to save them although the lady on the counter said they can be used up to 25 times!! You can just imagine the state of the glue.

We then headed swiftly around other stalls still getting the hang of things and of course I had to have my photo taken outside Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfume balloon display, I mean come onnn who doesn’t love Sex and the City?!

Opposite her stall was the skincare brand Origins. The stall was so cute and thoughtful – there were 3 teacups which you would sit in while you’re getting your skin tested by the makeup professional. The lady helped me choose a moisturizer suitable for my skin and gave me a free tester to go home with. Although I was skeptical about having my skin tested whilst wearing a face full of makeup the lady talked me through what benefits the moisturizer has and she tested an under eye cream on my face as I was telling her about my dark circles and she said that it was okay to put over makeup and whenever you need to freshen up.


The next brand we went to check out was E.L.F. E.L.F were doing foundation and concealer shade matching and although you couldn’t buy them there the lady helping us wrote our shades down and we brought it in town the next day. I asked specifically more concealer as I already had my perfect foundation and it worked wonders! My dark circles were none existent and I looked at my mum and she instantly noticed a big difference! We also got a little Goody bag each from E.L.F for queuing and there was a photo opportunity wall which of course we had our mother and daughter moment and had to pose together with all our shopping bags.


By now we were probably around an hour in and wanted a sit down so we decided to go and get our hair done curtsy of Remington. On our way we came across another photo opportunity from a stall representing a French brand that the woman instantly came over to us, not to promote their products but to offer to take our photographs on the swing together and then she made a Boomerang (she was ace).

When we got to the Remington stall there was a board with 3 different options: 1 being wavy, 2 being braided and wavy and 3 being silky and straight. I chose options 2 and my momma chose option 1. Mine took a while to do as I have long thick hair but it was totally worth it. While I was getting it done I was telling the hairdresser how it’s God’s gift to be able to curl hair with straighteners (that’s what she was curling my hair with) and she kindly tried to teach me (I still don’t get it) and suggested I watch Youtube videos as that’s how she learnt.

Once I found my mum again after my hair was done (she was longgg gone) we sat down and got some refreshments. Standing up for so long can become a little overwhelming after awhile especially when you have hardly eaten so we grabbed a Sprite and Cookie and got back to it so we didn’t miss out on anything.


A vending machine full of No.7 beauty products?!! This place had the cutest touches. Even if you didn’t win the lady still gave you a free product so nobody was disappointed it was very, very cute.

By now we had near enough done everything, we queued for Millie Bobby Brown’s new brand ‘Florence’ and my mum got her eyebrows done and the lady introduced me to the new peel off purple face mask and showed me a bit of the skincare range Although I’ve never tried anything from the brand I can’t wait to try some skincare bits in the future and I’m so happy for Millie Bobby Brown for having the opportunity to do this.

The festival hosts talks with influences throughout the day and although we missed the first two we wanted to see what it was all about. It was a makeup masterclass with Kaz Crossley which we watched for a bit but decided we’d rather be out looking at the makeup so headed back out instead.

This time we went to the Fenty store where the queue as you could imagine was huge. I was browsing the makeup on display looking for the new Fenty Brow pencil or the Fenty bronzer but when I asked the lady she said they don’t do a powdered bronzer?? Uhh I’m pretty sure they do but I’ll let that slide, and for the Brow pencil she said they only had limited stock at the festival so not everything’s there. That explains the bronzer too then!


Before we left we had one more quick browse around where I talked to someone (with very good eyeshadow btw) about Huda beauty and although she didn’t work there she was telling me her favourite ones and where she places the different shades. I swear other peoples experiences can be a lot more helpful that the workers advice sometimes it’s brilliant!

The very last thing we did was head to the Too Faced stall where my mum got her eyeshadow done and advised on the best shades to make her green eyes stand out. We also got a few little goodies from Too Faced which I’m excited to try out as I know it’s a brand a lot of people know and love.


We had such an amazing time  and I hope that the festival definitely comes back to Manchester next year! It is definitely worth it for the price and the amount of freebies you get. I will be doing a post all about that soon so stay tuned to see what I got! Glamour Beauty Festival is definitely a heaven for makeup lovers and I couldn’t recommend it enough!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great Bonfire Night! Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments which brand you’d love to see at the Glamour festival in 2020?

Link to outfit: Montana Racing Cropped top

Dragon Print Satin Flared Pants

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